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Pest control services have become so common these days. Everyone of us at some point in time has used the services of pest control operators to protect our health and property, yet we know very little about the subject and few are able to make an informed decision about choosing the right pesticides or service providers. Here are a few basic steps that should help you make the right decision:

Ask for the company’s professional license; ensure they are registered and approved by the respective emirate municipalities. Only registered and approved companies are legally allowed to provide pest control service.

A relatively safe product can become dangerous in the hands of an untrained PCO! Ensure the operator is trained and licensed. In Dubai, the pest control section tests and licenses individual operators, ask for their valid individual licence.

Ask for Ministry of Environment & Water (MEW) approval, MSDS and label of the pesticide(s) the company intends to use. Just because a chemical is safe or green does not mean its non-toxic.

Do a background check to ensure the company’s years of experience and presence in all emirates. Companies with handsome experience, knowledge and versatility can provide safe, effective and timely service.

Check if the company is ISO-certified. ISO certification indicates the company provides quality service.

For a commercial property, make sure a survey is conducted to highlight the pest issues, its source, cause and solutions.

The writer is the Technical Manager, National Pest Control