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Chinese community distribute 'love packages' in Deira Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A Chinese volunteer group named ‘UAE Chinese Goodwill’ delivered 1,000 ‘love packages’ to workers in Deira on Saturday, the last day of Ramadan.

These packages contained daily necessities and supplies to help workers through the coronavirus pandemic and distribution was safely organised in conjunction with Emirates Red Crescent and Dar Al Ber Society in accordance with all local precautionary measures.

The volunteer group was launched by Chinese expats in the UAE to help individuals suffering during COVID-19 and has received an outpouring of support from the local Chinese community.

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Workers queue to collect their love package Image Credit: Supplied

Chai Shaojin, the initiator of “UAE Chinese Goodwill”, said that the purpose of the volunteer group “is to take practical actions to support the fight against the coronavirus pandemic in the UAE, helping the vulnerable people trapped to tide over their difficulties.”

Ma Jun, another volunteer said, “Many workers now have less or almost no income and are facing great hardship in their daily lives because of the pandemic.”

“When we choose to help them, we are also helping ourselves.” Ma added, “So far, we have collected a total of Dh77,320, daily necessities and anti-epidemic supplies.”

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Handouts were done in conjunction with Emirates Red Crescent and Dar Al Ber Society Image Credit: Supplied

Another volunteer, Jin Hanxiao, said, “We spent more than an hour packing yesterday. We planned to start the activity at 5.30pm today, but due to the Dragon-like long queue of the standing people, we advanced it to 5pm and finished all in almost 40 minutes.” Jin added.

“Today we gave out total 5,000 disposable face masks and other related daily necessities. Now we are planning the second distribution.” Jin said.