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Al Ain Zoo welcomes Visitors with a competitive race between cheetahs and falcons" Image Credit: Supplied

Al Ain: Cheetahs will race salukis and falcons at Al Ain Zoo as part of a new attraction.

The races will be held every day on the running track at 1pm in front of crowds of up to 150 people in the viewing area.

Given that Cheetahs are the fastest animals in the world reaching speeds of up to 120-km/h it’s likely to be no contest.

Falcons can swoop at up to 320-km/h and salukis can maintain speeds of up to 75-km/h for 4.8 continuous kilometres, but that’s unlikely to beat a Cheetah in a short point to point race.

Myyas Al Quarqaz, General Curator at Al Ain Zoo, said, “We are always keen to present new features for our visitors. For this particular experience, the Zoo is organising an amazing adventure in which one of the fastest animals in the world is seen competing in a race that combines cheetahs, salukis and falcons, while maintaining the utmost safety and security standards for both viewers and animals.”

Al Quarqaz added, “The year 2020 will be full of wonderful experiences and projects that will increase the advantages that Al Ain Zoo has as an optimal choice for families and school students who can indulge in exploratory learning and acquire knowledge of animals, learning of ways to preserve them in addition to having fun and joining in the excitement amid amazing wildlife and the Zoo’s picturesque natural setting.”