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Dr. Azad Moopen with differently abled children at the ‘Common Ground’ event hosted by Aster Volunteers to celebrate International Day of Disabled Persons at the Dubai Club for People of Determination Image Credit:

Dubai: Aster Volunteers, the global corporate social responsibility initiative of Aster DM Healthcare, hosted its second annual ‘Common Ground’ event on Monday.

The event saw Aster DM Healthcare employees and members of the Dubai Club for People of Determination gather in celebration of December 3’s International Day of Disabled Persons.

Other attendees included representatives of Senes – Residential Day Care for Special Needs, The Dubai Autism Centre, Vishakha School of Dance and Music for Special Children and Dubai Centre for Special Needs.

According to the World Health Organisation, approximately 11 per cent of the UAE population lives with a disability, with the UAE government placing an emphasis on driving inclusion.

Aster DM Healthcare has so far recruited 108 differently-abled individuals across various units as one of the “six pillars” of the Aster Volunteers initiative.

The event was inaugurated by Dr Azad Moopen, Founder Chairman and Managing Director of Aster DM Healthcare. A keynote address was delivered by Chief Guest Shobika Kalra, Founder – ‘Wings of Angelz’, a disability awareness group in the UAE.

The event took place at the Dubai Club for People of Determination. A super-hero themed fashion show involved differently-abled children from The Dubai Autism Centre and Vishakha School of Dance and Music for Special Children and Dubai Centre for Special Needs.

The activity celebrated inclusivity, alongside music and dance performances by differently-abled children to mark the occasion and empower people of determination across the UAE.

In addition, Dr Moopen announced the launch of their sign language training programme for Aster Volunteers that will soon be available on the Aster Volunteers website.

Dr Moopen said: “While each and every person is unique, what brings us all together is our admiration for stories of determination. Aster Volunteers proudly hosts the ‘Common Ground’ event to mark this global occasion with the aim of inspiring and motivating our communities. With the blessings of the Almighty and support of our UAE Rulers, we are committed to driving inclusion and providing, individuals that are challenged with a disability, a platform to reach their full potential in their professional lives.”

Thani Juma Berregad, chairman of Dubai Club for People of Determination, said: “We truly believe that people of determination have a lot to contribute to our communities and should not feel limited by their different abilities.”

Aster Volunteers says it has impacted over one million lives globally.