How you can apply for a sick leave in the UAE
Residents can request for medical reports, or for attestation of their sick leaves. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Stock image

Abu Dhabi: The Ministry of Healthy and Prevention (MoHAP) has urged residents to avail of its online services, including medical reports and sick leaves.

Residents can request for medical reports, or for attestation of their sick leaves. Medical disability and early retirement requests are also processed electronically by MoHAP, through the updated version of the Shefaa portal.

Residents have to fill out the medical report application and submit it. After the facility’s initial approval, the applicant has to pay the fees of issuing a medical report. The application then gets forwarded to the concerned doctors for the completion of the medical report. Once it is completed, the report will be transferred to the patient via his account on the Shefaa portal.

Attestation of sick leaves and medical reports service can be availed through the ministry website or service delivery centres. The service provides for the attestation of sick leave certificates issued by private or governmental health facilities to be submitted to the employers, as some sick leaves may require first the approval of the concerned medical committees.

Promoting quality

Dr Hussein Abdel Rahman Al-Rand

Dr Hussein Abdel Rahman Al-Rand, undersecretary at the MoHAP’s Health Assistant Sector, Health Centres and Clinics, said the provision of such online services is part of the ministry’s commitment to promoting the quality of health system, and innovating digital solutions. Dr Al Rand added that the MoHAP works tirelessly to embrace the best digital solutions, and digitise all its services according to the best international practices.

Retirement and medical disability

The MoHAP also provides the approval of applications for retirement, early retirement, total medical disability, or partial medical disability, as well as requests for the modification of working conditions, hours, and places of work, or the inability to work, according to the decision of the Medical Committee. The applicant must be an employee in any of the ministries or federal authorities, a local government department, or private-sector employees covered by health insurance.

Approval of the application for retirement due to health conditions is based on accredited medical standards. All applications are handled with objectivity and neutrality and the decision is given only to deserving cases.