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When I got a chance to be at the official launch of the latest Somewhere Hotel in Dubai, the very first thing I loved was its name. I just loved repeating “I am going to Somewhere” when people asked and they would look at me like I was crazy.

Getting somewhere

What I could vouch for, even before I got there, is that the hotel is very accessible and the landmarks around are more than enough to find the place. Tecom can be pretty confusing but the hotel is located right next to a couple of well-known buildings. I took the metro and then a cab at minimum fare (less than a 10-minute drive).

Where is the food?

Walking in to a high ceilinged lobby, the check-in desk is at the far left and the friendly receptionists quickly scan my documents and help me get on to the important part of the day – dinner. Nay restaurant has all the elements necessary for a good dining experience in Dubai; good food, friendly and efficient service, and an outdoor lounge area. There is also a smoking area and a shisha facility for guests. Serving mostly Mediterranean food along with some international dishes, I loved the warm starters at Nay which included kibbeh, lamb rolls and other appetizers served with smooth purees.

Night-out or night-in

For the clubbers among us, there is the Clavichord music lounge, also located at the mezzanine floor of the hotel alongside Nay. Music is contemporary jazz and also features live performances. It's open from 8.30pm till late. On the Thursday that I went, I was pretty tired and skipped the clubbing to go straight to my room.

The room

The hotel has 306 rooms and I stayed on the 14th floor. After 15 minutes in my room it dawned on me that the décor was so intelligently done that the room (which is actually a small one) has two restrooms, a sofa, a coffee table, the bed, two night stands, a TV stand and adjoining luggage rack, and closet space. Despite all of this, it feels conveniently spacious. It also has floor to ceiling windows on one side which, with the curtains drawn back, gives a nice view of the glittering Dubai streets below. There was nothing I wanted to add or remove in that space.

King-size breakfast

Nay has an a la carte breakfast menu that runs from 6.30am to 10.30am. By day, the entire seating area has the sun streaming in, and the place was bustling with people, some having their breakfast outside in the lounge area on little cute tables. The breakfast menu had everything a person could want from cereal, toast, assorted pastries to made-to-order omelets and traditional Mediterranean breakfast dishes.

Other details

The hotel has an integrated rooftop area that includes a pool, a fitness centre and a wellness spa. The room-service menu is also quite prolific but the breakfast had me done until 6pm that day. The rooms have Wi-Fi and each room has unique login details.


After breakfast, I spent time reading in my room as the sun shone in through a set of hazy curtains. Somewhere Hotel is definitely great to press the 'refresh' button and enjoy a few days away (yet not so far) from hectic life in the UAE.

It is perfect for a solo staycation or for a quiet getaway for couples - and without having to dish out an arm and a leg for it. The place might not be as exciting for families with children to spend the entire day in. However, if you're on tour with your family it can work very well as your base.

Location Barsha Heights, Tecom (Map above) Facilities 306 rooms, music lounge and club, restaurant, shisha facility, fitness centre, rooftop pool and wellness spa Contact details Room reservations +971 4 561 0600 The Clavichord +971 4 561 0637 Nay +971 4 561 0638