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We all love travelling, but sometimes budget, holiday seasons or vacation applications four times a year can put a damper on our dreams of globe-trotting. This is why we have compiled some of the cheapest multi-country travel deals from the UAE. These help you cover more distance and tick more countries off your travel bucket list at a reasonable budget and trip duration. 

Paris, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Italy

Dh6,999 per person for 11 nights

This is, by far, our favourite deal of all and you can see why. You get to travel to five European countries, all of them beautiful and globally renowned destinations, for around Dh7,000 per person. The whole trip will take you less than two weeks in total. At this rate, each country will only cost you Dh1,400 including transport, food and stay.

Before you say that's still too much, we calculated individual trip costs to each of these and that total came up to more than two times this price.

What is included: Return economy flights, accommodation (4-star), tour agent, sightseeing trips, three meals a day, scope for adding more sightseeing at additional cost

What is not included: What can you think of? Read more here.

Austria and Switzerland

Dh2,899 onwards per person for 4 nights

This multi-country deal is great for a short one-week getaway as you get to spend two nights in Vienna and two nights in Zurich before heading home. Unlike the above deal, this does not include sightseeing or meals which will have to be planned and paid for separately. 


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What is included: Return economy flights, hotel stay (3-star for Dh2,899, 4-star for Dh3,099 and 5-star for Dh3,399), train tickets between cities and tour company representative

What is not included: Food, sightseeing trips. Read more here.

Spain and Portugal

Dh2,549 per person for six nights

While this tour price includes daily breakfast and detailed tours of each city along with inter-city transfers, it does not include return flights from the UAE. This amount we have mentioned separately below. The tours are group escorted-tours and will cover all or most of the main attractions in Barcelona. Madrid and Lisbon over seven days.

What is included: Accommodation (3-star), daily buffet breakfast, inter-city transfers, guided tours across all cities

What is not included: Airfare from Dubai to Barcelona ranges from Dh800 to Dh1,700 depending on the airline, while fare from Lisbon to Dubai can cost upwards of Dh1,700 - so we suggest trying to fly back from Barcelona which may be more cost-effective. Read more here.

Britain and France

Dh3,500 per person for four nights

This particular deal we have created on our own using best flight rates and average accommodation prices in London and Paris. We have a resident London expert who loves travelling to and fro, and she gave us the low-down on doing this the budget way.

It is cheaper to fly to Paris from Dubai, and then flying back from London. While there are trains between the cities, it is cost and time-effective to fly from Paris to London instead. The total cost of flights would be around Dh2,200 while you can arrange good accommodation from Dh600 per person for four nights, two in Paris and two in London. Public transport further cuts down your costs when visiting places in each city.

What is included: Flights, accommodation based on chosen vendors

What is not included: Trips within the city and anything else you want to do in these iconic destinations