Iranian pilgrims demonstrating after Friday Jum'a prayers around the Grand Mosque in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

As many as 402 pilgrims and Saudi citizens were killed in violence triggered by Iranian pilgrims in the Holy City of Makkah. It is believed that 649 were wounded in the demonstrations that followed the afternoon prayers. A statement said the dead were 85 Saudi citizens and security men, 275 Iranians and 42 pilgrims of other nationalities. Stunned Saudi citizens watched their television screens that showed a 15-minute footage of the violence in which Iranians were seen throwing stones at Saudi security men with riot shields separating them from other pilgrims. They showed great restraint, but the Iranians then charged, the cordon of security men broke and they ran into the crowds of other pilgrims chased by the Iranians.

Other important events:

1658 Aurangzeb is proclaimed Mogul Emperor in India.

1789 Austrian and Russian troops defeat Turks at Focshani in Romania.

1812 Venezuelan Republic falls to Spanish forces and Francisco de Miranda is arrested.

1865 The first narrow gauge mainline railway in the world opens at Grandchester, Queensland, Australia.

1919 Germany adopts the Weimar Constitution.

1922 Ralph Samuelson rides the world’s first water skis at Lake City, Minnesota.

1926 Afghanistan signs non-aggression pact with Soviet Union.

1954 An Italian team led by Ardito Desio makes the first ascent of the world’s second-highest peak, Mount Godwin-Austen (K2).

1955 Marilyn Bell of Toronto, Canada becomes the youngest person to swim the English Channel.

1956 English cricketer Jim Laker takes 19 wickets in a first-class Test match against Australia at Old Trafford in Manchester.

1969 US Spacecraft Mariner 6 comes within 2,000 miles of Mars, transmits the first pictures of the red planet

1974 Ceasefire takes effect between Turkey and Greece in fighting on Cyprus.

1987 Jinadasa Weerasinghe, a ruling party member parliament of Sri Lanka, is shot dead in Colombo.

1991 The US and the Soviet Union sign a landmark Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.

1992 A Thai Airlines Airbus crashes into a mountain in Kathmandu, killing 213 people.

2003 Austrian parachutist Felix Baumgartner becomes the first person ever to fly across the English Channel without an aircraft.

2005 Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora visits Syria in bid to repair relations.

2006 Raul Castro assume office as President of Cuba after his brother Fidel Castro becomes too ill to continue.

2007 The deployment of British troops to support Northern Ireland police officially ends after 38 years.

2009 Britain pulls out its troops in Iraq, ending six years of military involvement with the war-torn country.

2010 Seventeen are killed and 68 more are injured after a coal mine blast in northern China.

2011 A full scale military attack against Hama City in Syria leaves 150 killed and more that 1,000 injured.

2013 Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy apologises for mishandling a major corruption scandal.

2014 At least 23 people drown in rough seas off Pakistan’s Karachi beach.

2015 Mexican photojournalist Ruben Espinosa is brutally killed in a multiple homicide.

2016 Lewis Hamilton wins the German Grand Prix.