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Unbeaten Mike Tyson took another step toward a heavyweight championship fight with a devastating first-round knockout of Marvis Frazier at the Glens Falls civic centre. Tyson stopped Frazier 30 seconds into the fight to raise his record to 25-0, with 23 of those victories inside the distance. Frazier, the son of former heavyweight champion Joe Frazier, is now 16-2. The knockout was the fastest of Tyson’s short but spectacular career and further established him as a top contender for the heavyweight crown. Only 20 years old, he is currently ranked second by the WBC and eighth by the World Boxing Association. “I just wanted to win this fight so badly,” Tyson said after the fight. At the opening bell, he rushed across the ring and exchanged punches with Frazier. Within seconds he pinned Frazier against the ropes, set him up with a left jab and then landed a powerful right uppercut. Tyson followed with a right cross that put Frazier out on his feet. Referee Joe Cortez moved in and stopped the fight.


Other important events:


1847 Liberia declares its independence.

1865 Patrick Francis Healy becomes the first African American to earn a PhD.

1891 France annexes South Sea island of Tahiti.

1908 The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is born in US.

1920 The 19th Amendment to the American constitution is ratified, granting women the right to vote.

1945 Winston Churchill resigns as Britain’s Prime Minister, following his party’s electoral defeat.

1947 The US Department of Defence is established under the Armed Forces Unification Act.

1953 Fidel Castro leads an attack on army barracks in Santiago, Cuba, in the hope of sparking a popular uprising.

1956 Egypt nationalises the Suez Canal.

1965 Republic of Maldives gains independence from Britain.

1971 Apollo 15 is launched from Cape Kennedy, Florida, for a fourth lunar landing and the debut of the lunar rover.

1974 Konstantinos Karamanlis, new Greek premier, forms civilian Cabinet after seven years of military rule in Greece.

1984 David Lange is sworn in as Prime Minister of New Zealand.

1986 American hostage Lawrence Jenco is freed in Lebanon after 18 months’ captivity.

1990 Iraq agrees to pull thousands of troops back from Kuwaiti border after Kuwait agrees to cut oil production.

1997 Sri Lanka wins Asia Cup after beating India by eight wickets in the final.

1998 Prime Minister Hun Sen’s party wins a majority in Cambodia elections.

2001 Indonesia’s ousted President Abdul Rahman Wahid vacates the palace and leaves the country.

2003 Three powerful earthquake strikes northern Japan and at least 421 people are injured.

2008 More than 55 are killed and many injured when 16 bomb blasts hit Ahmedabad, India.

2009 India’s first nuclear submarine is unveiled to the public.

2010 A suspected Al Qaida suicide bomber blow up a car by the Baghdad office of Al Arabiya television killing four people.

2011 All 80 passengers of the military plane are killed after it crashed on a mountain in southern Morocco.

2013 57 people are killed in twin bomb explosions in a busy market in northwest Pakistan.

2015 American singer and actress Bobbi Kristina Brown dies at a hospice in Duluth, Georgia.