Rescue workers bring to shore wreckage of the Ukraine Ilyushin 76 cargo plane recovered from the sea. - Gulf News Archives

Cargo plane crashes off Ras Al Khaimah

1998 - An Azerbaijani Ilyushin 76 cargo plane, which caught fire shortly after taking off from Ras Al Khaimah Airport, crashed into the sea, about 500 metres from the beach. The bodies of the eight crew members were recovered by rescue teams. Airport sources said the plane took off at 11.30pm and was carrying a load of cargo for Nikolai in Russia. The bodies found have been sent to hospitals in Ras Al Khaimah to be kept in mortuaries till the authorities arrange to send them to their relatives in Ukraine. The aircraft’s black box has been found as well as an engine and other parts of the plane.

July 13

1822 - Greeks defeat Turks at Thermopylae in Greece.

1878 - Russo-Turkish War ends, resulting in Russian power expanding in Ottoman territory.

1930 - The first football World Cup begins in Montevideo, Uruguay.

1979 - Palestinian fringe group seizes Egyptian embassy in Ankara, Turkey for 45 hours.

1997 - Indonesian ferry sinks, killing at least 77.

2003 - Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah is appointed as Prime Minister of Kuwait.

2005 - Three passenger trains crash into one another in Pakistan, killing at least 150 people.

2010 - The French Lower Parliament approves the banning of face veil worn by Muslim women.

2011 - Three bomb blasts in Mumbai kill at least 21 people.

2016 - Theresa May becomes new British Prime Minister after David Cameron resigns.

2017 - Chinese Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo dies of multiple organ failure at 61.