Filipino fugitive actor surrenders

1990 - Philippines’ movie version of James Dean, also dubbed as Manila’s “bad boy”, surrendered in a real life and month-long episode of eluding authorities. Robin Padilla, who has been portraying a tempestuous and rebellious youth, was sentenced from 17 to 21 years of imprisonment by a regional trial court for illegal possession of firearms in 1994. Padilla surrendered to authorities in Camarines Norte, southern Bicol region. He had earlier claimed he was part of the elite Presidential Security Group in charge of the first family, explaining it was the reason why he had with him several high-powered firearms at the time of his arrest. He was dressed in a military camouflage uniform and boots, his hair quite long.

Other important events on August 25

1580 - Spain invades Portugal, conquers it and keeps it for more than 80 years.

1825 - Uruguay declares independence from Brazil.

1875 - British swimmer Matthew Webb becomes the first person to swim across the English Channel.

1941 - British and Soviet troops invade pro-German Iran.

1944 - A Free French division, racing from Normandy, liberates Paris from the Germans.

1950 - American tennis player Althea Gibson becomes the first black player to compete internationally.

1965 - Massive avalanche roars down from glacier in Swiss Alps, burying 108 people at hydroelectric construction project.

1973 - UN Security Council condemns Israel for “premeditated air attack” on Lebanese villages.

1980 - Zimbabwe joins the United Nations.

1984 - The 36-hour hijack drama of an Indian Airlines is ended at Dubai International Airport.

1995 - Hamid Buhaleeba is killed in an accident during the World Class 2 and 3 powerboat championships in Isle of Wight.

1997 - Egon Krenz, East Germany’s last hardline communist leader, is sentenced to six and a half years in jail for the deaths of refugees trying to escape over the Berlin Wall.

1998 - Seven Cuban-Americans are indicted by a federal court panel in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on charges of conspiracy to murder Cuban President Fidel Castro.

2002 - The roof of a building under construction in Jebel Ali collapses killing eight workers and injuring 19

2011 - Michael Schumacher marks his 20th Formula 1 anniversary.

2012 - The first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, dies at the age of 82.