Pakistani Cricketer, Aamir Sohail. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Opener Aamir Sohail was banned from international and domestic matches for two years by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for violating its code of conduct. The decision announced by PCB disciplinary committee chairman Talat Ali Malek, follows a row beteen Sohail and PCB chief executive Majid Khan during a domestic one-day game. Talat said the three-member disciplinary committee, after a thorough probe, had unanimously found Sohail guilty of breaching the code of conduct by levelling what he called baseless charges of match-fixing and betting against some national team members. Sohail failed to answer two notices served on him to explain his point of view about whatever he said to newspaper reporters involving cricketers gambling, he said.

Other important events:

1862 France’s Napoleon III declares war against Benito Juarez, the Mexican leader.

1900 The first books of US postage stamps are issued.

1906 Pacific cable between the US and China is completed.

1917 Vladimir Ilyich Lenin returns to Russia after 17 years in exile.

1942 India’s Congress party rejects terms of self-government offered by Britain.

1947 Fires and explosions wreck Texas City as a French freighter loaded with ammonium nitrate fertiliser blows up.

1951 The British submarine HMS Affray sinks in the English Channel, killing all 75 crew.

1953 Royal yacht Britannia is launched in Scotland.

1970 Alpine avalanche plunges down on children’s sanitarium at Sallanches, France, killing 72.

1984 Malik Singh Bhatia of the ‘Talwandi Group’, a faction of the Akali Dal, is shot dead in the grounds of the Sikh’s holiest shrine, the Golden Temple.

1988 Abu Jihad, the military commander of the PLO is assassinated.

1990 Fire caused by a leaking gas cylinder roars through two cars of a crowded train in India’s eastern Bihar state, killing at least 72 passengers.

1992 Afghan President Mohammad Najibullah is stripped of power.

1993 Mahamane Ousmane is inaugurated as president of Niger.

1999 Abdul Aziz Bouteflika becomes president of Algeria.

2001 Israel launches an airstrike against a Syrian radar station.

2006 A passenger train in northern Greece crashes into a truck at a crossing and derails, killing three people.

2007 At least 33 people, including the suspected gunman, are killed at Virginia Tech University.

2008 US military frees AP photographer Bilal Hussain after he spent more than two years in custody in Baghdad.

2009 The second largest US mall owner, General Growth Properties, files for bankruptcy.

2011 Nigerians vote in masses what they hope will be their first credible presidential election for decades and which could set an example across Africa.

2013 A 7.8 major earthquake strikes on a border area of south-east Iran and kills 35 people.

2014 A ferry carrying 459 people capsizes off South Korea, killing 304 people.

2016 A massive quake hits near the city of Kumamoto, Japan, killing at least 41 people.