Image Credit: Screengrab

In the last week of May Matthew Brennan, a mobile tech expert, tweeted about the latest function on the instant messaging app WeChat. In his tweet he posted screenshots of the app allowing users to file for divorce.

WeChat is the most commonly used instant messaging app in China (Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger are banned here), and is endorsed by the Chinese government.

From facial recognition, tax management and ID registration to using public transport, the app has a lot of functionalities which are above and beyond just communicating with friends and family. 

This trial option of filing divorces has only been tested out in the province of Guangdong.

The app allows you to enter details including address, names and other essential information, after which it schedules an appointment for you with a local divorce registrar. 

It's not just for breaking up though, you can also start the processes of marriage registrations through the app.

While the trial function is limited to Guangdong province, it can be expected that WeChat will roll out the functionalities to other provinces in the near future.