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Faisal Kan, General Manager, ADS Security Devices Trading, on Hikvision’s solutions for temperature scanning:

What kind of solutions are companies in the UAE looking for in order to keep their employees safe during Covid-19?

With businesses reopening in the UAE, people have started to return to restaurants, office buildings, and public spaces. A safe reopening process will rely heavily on effective public health strategies, which include increased testing for the virus, social distancing, occupancy restrictions, and cleaning and disinfection activities.

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Faisal Kan, General Manager, ADS Security Devices Trading Image Credit: Supplied

While temperature measurement and wearing face masks are mandatory in both business and public places, following social distancing and occupancy restriction measures are also considered necessary in public areas such as shopping malls and transportation hubs. To implement all the safety requirements, workplaces like office buildings and industrial parks are looking for solutions featuring authorised entries with confidence.

Innovative video technologies can also help organisations meet and exceed health guidelines for safe and effective reopening. Under the current conditions, Hikvision’s temperature screening solutions offer various product types including installed thermographic cameras, hand-held thermographic cameras, metal detector doors, and MinMoe access terminals that can be flexibly deployed for a wide range of applications.

Which sectors are expected to push demand for thermal screening solutions in the coming years?

The expected industries to see the surge in demand may cover many in the future. But, currently in the UAE, we have noticed lots of interests coming from buildings, shopping malls, hospitals and industrial areas. Hikvision’s temperature screening solution, MinMoe access terminals and metal detector doors can be effectively used in the future as well for maintaining a secure and healthy office environment, along with providing the options for routine management services.

Brief us on ADS’ product portfolio.

As the national distributor for Hikvision in the UAE, our portfolio features all the solutions from the company — from video surveillance, access control, video intercom, video wall and digital signage to many other specialised solutions, serving many verticals in the industry. We have a range of products in thermal imaging, including temperature screening cameras, walkthrough temperature detector, and body temperature access control devices. We also offer traffic monitoring solutions utilising artificial intelligence features developed by Hikvision.

Our solutions and services go beyond distribution — we offer manufacturer-backed technical support. We have dedicated pre-sales engineers with vast industry experience and product knowledge, an in-house RMA centre, and a suite of other services to support our clients.

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