Trend Micro has launched free removal tools to help both consumers and businesses that have been impacted by ransomware to recover their data. 
According to the security firm, the Middle East and North Africa have accounted for 4.75 per cent and 1.75 per cent respectively of global ransomware threats in the first quarter of this year.
Cherif Djerboua, Regional Tech Leader, Trend Micro, said ransomware threats are constantly evolving, and no business is immune. 
As security experts, “we encourage everyone to download our free tools and inform users on the preventive measures, and ways to tackle the situation when affected. There have been numerous reports of attackers asking for another ransom following the initial payment,” he said.
Trend Micro has blocked more than 100 million ransomware threats for their customers in the last six months alone, with 99 per cent of threats blocked from email and web traffic. Recognising the growth and impact of ransomware, the company has taken a holistic approach to helping customers defend against ransomware, ransom prices can reach $600 (Dh2,203) or more.