Dubai: UAE-based Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications Company recently commercialised services with its new satellite, Thuraya 3, which has expanded the company's coverage to two-thirds of the globe.

The coverage area stretching from Iceland to Japan and South Africa to the south of Australia includes more than four billion people and 140 countries.

The company, known for its handheld mobile satellite phones, unveiled two entries to its product portfolio.

Broadband device

The first is ThurayaIP, a mobile broadband device that allows wireless high-speed internet access of up to 444kbps.

The product is designed for corporate users and media who can upload live video streaming at much faster speeds.

The second is ThurayaMarine, a communications device targeted for marine travellers.

"This is a significant improvement to our coverage since last year, which now includes 85 per cent of global shipping routes and major ports," said Yousuf Abdullah Al Sayed, chief executive of Thuraya.

Without revealing the cost of the new satellite, Al Sayed told Gulf News that a satellite similar to the latest costs $350-$400 million to put into orbit.