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The registration was effortless and an absolute joy. It takes less than a few minutes and eliminates cumbersome email confirmations and checks. Clearly its back-end operations and support framework are up to spec. JadoPado's only weakness is its product offering. The site is unapologetically passionate about technology and offers a curated ode to all things IT and electronics. Its fashion tab only lists perfumes, but the selection on offer isn't bad at all. I'm pleasantly surprised to have 15 per cent slashed from the price, and free delivery on the same day! I placed my order at 11.36am, got the confirmation call within two hours, and received the package at 3.17pm! Fast, efficient, and one of the best online retail experiences I've had in a long time.

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Delivery time: 5; Introductory offers: 3; Product offering: 2; Shipping costs: 5; Website navigation: 5; Overall: 4

 Megha Abraham/Features Writer



The registration process at namshi.com was quick and easy. Namshi has an impressive selection of products along with a few big-name brands. Shoppers can customise their search for clothes or shoes based on heel shape, height and the occasion you require it for. The website's interface is easy to navigate. When I signed up I also got a complimentary gift voucher worth Dh150 broken up into Dh50 off my next three purchases. Namshi.com offers cash on delivery and ships their products across the GCC. I placed my order on July 3 and the product was delivered on July 5. On delivery, I also found a note in the box that entitled me to 10 per cent off my next item! With 200,000+ likes on facebook, the website must be doing something right.

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Delivery time: 4; Introductory offers: 5; Product offering: 3; Shipping costs: 3; Website navigation: 4; Overall: 3.8

Gareth Kurt Warren/Features Writer



The registration process was simple and quick; I was done in about three minutes. Aido.com has a wide variety to choose from and seems ideal for eccentric gift ideas. However, I faced a stumbling block initially when despite being listed as 'in stock' the item I picked was not available.

Thankfully, instead of being categorised by age, occasion or gender, the merchandise is categorised by its type - stationary, fashion etc. I placed the order on July 3 and the product was delivered on the same day. The delivery man called almost immediately after the order was confirmed and arrived two hours later, smiling pleasantly. My overall experience was very good. The choice on aido.com was the widest I have seen.

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Delivery time: 4; Introductory offers: 0; Product offering: 5; Shipping costs: 5; Website navigation: 4; Overall: 3.6

Shalini Seth/Specialist Writer



With an expansive range of products, buying items on Souq.com was fun and easy. The registration process was simple and I was done in five minutes, opting for the cash-on-delivery option. The site was easy to navigate, and the wide range of products made the selection process hassle-free. However, I was charged a delivery fee - and no matter how small the amount, this works against the website, especially when other online sites deliver orders free and sometimes on the same day.

I ordered my product on July 3 and received it on July 8. For an enhanced shopping experience, the site must work on its customer service and ensure that products are shipped as fast as possible and not after six long days within the same city.

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Delivery time: 1.5; Introductory offers: 1;Product offering: 4; Shipping costs: 2; Website navigation: 4; Overall: 2.5

Chiranti Sengupta/Features Writer



Logging onto sukar.com is a simple process, but what stumped me was the email confirmation, which took quite a while to make its way into my inbox. The site is the ultimate altar for brand worshippers, but if you are late getting in on the hot deals you’ll often find half the products with a 'Sold Out' tag.

Navigation is pretty simple and the layout is uncluttered. Prices are slashed anywhere from 20 to 80 per cent and there is a convenient cash-on-delivery payment option. I placed my order around noon on July 3 and there was an unexpected Dh20 shipping fee.  I received my shipment on July 8. Unlike most other online shopping sites, there is no introductory offer in terms of a further discount or points accrued for the next purchase.

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Delivery time: 2; Introductory offers: 1; Product offering: 5; Shipping costs: 2; Website navigation: 3; Overall: 2.6

Sanaya Pavri/Features Writer


 * Ratings are based on a scale of five, with five being the highest