Project manager Vojtech Dvorak (left) and Kevin Culbert (right) started work on a new Smart Home last December Image Credit: Supplied

Imagine a villa that is not just your home but doubles up as your obedient and tireless servant. A family residence that fulfils your wishes before they are uttered. This is no fiction, these houses exist — not just in the US and Europe, but in the UAE as well.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi already have quite a few Smart Homes, courtesy Czech company, Smarteon. You may not notice them at first glance considering they look similar to other buildings, but consider stepping into one and the difference will immediately be tangible.

For one, all devices automatically react to your presence so you feel comfortable and safe. The security system, air conditioning, lights and shading, anything you want — work according to your needs, intelligently and harmonically, as if you were setting it all up with your hands. But you don’t do anything, allowing technology to work its charm.

A tempting future

Work on one of the latest Smart Homes was recently completed in southern Dubai, in the Green Community, DIP1. The house-warming party was a great social event with dozens of interesting guests including successful businessmen, technological visionaries and international company representatives. The centre of attention, of course was the new villa and its owners, the Culbert family.

"The Culbert family are an educated and busy people, and wished for more me time, freed from household chores, all which was possible through a Smart Home. However, every client has a different set of priorities. For some, comfort is critical, while others value long-term sustainable solutions, such as an efficient water management," says Vojtech Dvorak, Project Manager at Smarteon Systems.

“I am delighted that our two sons are getting to enjoy the Smart Home. The house doesn’t care only for people, it also looks after our two cats,” says Kevin Culbert. To be precise, the house works much like a flawless servant, who does not rest nor requires wages. Kevin’s residence now works on autopilot, or more precisely, much as a flawless servant does.

Make your dreams come true

The Smart Home quite literally works on autopilot, for instance automatically irrigating the lawn when needed. If the owners are holidaying or away at work, the villa can make pretend that they are present (occasionally turning the lights on or channeling some music through the home speakers) to discourage thieves.

It also works as a doorman, so the owner can communicate remotely from anywhere via the mobile app in case the house has a visitor waiting at the front door.

Every Smart Home is unique, curated for an individual or a family. So now, let us forget about the houses that exist and look into your future. Free your imagination and dream up your ideal futuristic home and the special characteristics that will help convert your house into a home, all with the help of some intuitive tech, of course.

About Smarteon

Smarteon Systems is an international project that brings the best European technologies in intelligent homes to the UAE. It uses technology that powers more than 60,000 homes globally. The hardware is developed under Austrian brand, Loxone, while the software is developed by a sister firm based in the Czech Republic.

Its founders, CEO, Miroslav Padalik, and CTO, Vojtech Zavrel initially created the Smart Home concept for personal use before deciding to turn this into a business proposition, placing the brand’s mission front and centre: Making comfortable homes in a complex world. Besides private residences, Smarteon has also worked on government projects in Germany and Japan as well as in the UAE.

Experience the Smart Home

Check out Smarteon’s Smart Home showroom at Dubai Investment Park 1, The Market Mall, Green Community, Dubai. It’s open daily except on Fridays, from 11am to 8pm. Alternatively, call the project manager, Vojtech Dvorak, on +971 52 817 5278.

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