There are several apps that help make our lives easier here in Dubai. One of the latest ones that I’ve downloaded is InstaShop — after being bombarded with Insta ads on Instagram.

InstaShop is an app that delivers groceries right to your door within the hour. Their main aim is to “bring the supermarket right at home”. The Dubai-based company is part of Jabbar Internet Group.

First, let’s get down to what’s good about it. The app is brilliantly designed and broken down into over 20 categories ranging from dairy and eggs, and fruits and vegetables to coffee and tea, and baby care.

They even sell prepaid telephone cards. The additional services include house cleaning and organic food delivery through Organic Foods & Café. Once you download it, you’ll agree that the user interface is seamless and efficient, hats off to the design and development team.

The start-up process is simple; you register, add your address and you’re good to go. You then add in your grocery wish list similar to how you would use any shopping app, place your order and sit back.

The groceries are reasonably priced as well — you’re not paying a whole lot more for the service. 500gms of red apples are Dh4.75 and a 1.5L of Arwa Water is Dh1.5.

There are very minor drawbacks with the app. As of the end of June, the option to pay for your groceries directly through the app by card hasn’t been activated. The option to add a card exists, however during check out, you get a note saying ‘Card payment will be supported soon’.

To remedy this, just add a note in the delivery options asking for a card machine to be brought to you during the delivery if you’re out of cash.

The second is the option in your main menu to ‘Suggest a product’. While it’s a reasonable option to have, several products that I’ve suggested over the past few weeks aren’t available yet despite being available in the store when you ring them. So have patience with that feature.

Once you do place your order, the app advises you to stay close to your phone in case they send an alternative product update. They have called me on two occasions when products were out of stock suggesting other brands within the same price. Despite being quite frustrating in this “Instant Gratification” day and age we unfortunately live in, it was a nice touch and a good service from their end.

As I mentioned in the beginning, this app isn’t great, but it could be with your help. Several amazing local apps have come and gone during the past few years.

The more residents who download apps like these, and use them regularly during their initial period will help them better it, attract more vendors and add more features, where it basically ends up being a win-win situation for all.

Sure you can use this app for basic groceries, or if you’re in a hurry. Do I miss heading out to a physical supermarket and browsing through multiple options? Yes. However once this app is up and running to its full potential — there would be no need to head out. Till then, it’s time to hit the store for some diet coke. If anyone from the InstaShop team happen to read this, Diet coke please. And no, diet Pepsi is not OK.

3 other UAE Grocery Apps to try

Trolley Dubai is an online grocery store in Dubai and an app. Browse through thousands of products, add stuff to your wishlist (why would you need a grocery wish list though?) or check out their hot deals of special offers.

Clikat: Grocery Delivery

Here’s another grocery delivery app that lets you order your groceries from the local supermarkets in your town. Similar to other apps, Clickat will aim to deliver your shopping within 30-45 minutes.

You can also use the promotional code “GET20” for Dh20 off your first order.


elGrocer features a price guarantee and a delivery time of an hour. Similar to the other apps, you can track your orders and pay with cash or card on delivery. Online payments, similar to InstaShop, is ‘coming soon’. Use “HELLO10” for Dh10 off your first order.