Samsung R6 Wireless 360° Multiroom Speaker Image Credit: Supplied

The R6 is a new egg-shaped wireless multiroom speaker by Samsung. Its main features are wireless omnidirectional studio-quality sound, its compatibility with all mobile devices and how well it’s designed.

The R6 comes in black and white, is portable and quite sturdy thanks to its build quality – it seems like it would take a small fall quite well without a fuss [Ed’s note to PR: No, I haven’t dropped it].

Towards the base of the unit are touch-sensitive controls, a battery indicator, music and power buttons, and the charging and USB ports.

On the tech side of things, the unit features a 125mm woofer and an upward-firing 25mm tweeter. It weighs a manageable 1.8kg and sports Samsung’s Ring Radiator technology, which evenly disperses sound in all directions.

The speaker features built-in Wi-Fi and is controlled by the Samsung’s Multiroom app on devices running Android (2.3.3 and above) and iOS (6.0 and above). Once you set up your speaker via a smart device you can stream music directly through your phone or via other music services.

The speaker pumps out more than enough volume to fill a room with crisp yet warm tones that did justice to everything from Metallica to Katy Perry. Yes, Katy Perry. It was for research… let it go.

Samsung seem to be following a similar philosophy to Sonos’ Play, where you slowly build your multiroom collection over time, with individual speakers operating separately in different rooms, or together.

Two R6s can also be grouped together as surround sound speakers. Or you can connect them to the rest of Samsung’s multiroom speakers — the M3, M5, M7 and R7 — for the ultimate home speaker set-up.

We thoroughly recommend this device, but be warned: once you’ve bought one, it’s a collection — and you just might want to have them all.