Motorola claims you won’t be able to shatter the screen (in four years) Image Credit: Supplied
The Moto X Force comes with a shatterproof display so durable that Motorola claims you won’t be able to shatter it up to four years. I don’t think I can emphasise the point further — I dropped it from ear-level many times, face down on pavements and also stepped on the screen. It simply doesn’t break. 
Specs-wise, the Force ticks all the right boxes: a QHD P-OLED 5.4-inch screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset, 3GB of RAM, a 21MP rear shooter, expandable storage, wireless charging, fast charging, water-resistance and a huge 3,760mAh battery. This impressive list will definitely satisfy most geeks who are all about specs.
On the software front, the Force boots 5.1.1 Lollipop out of the box but it has the Marshmallow update rolling out already. Motorola has always given users the stock vanilla Android experience and the Force follows the same trend with handy Moto features layered on top. These include Moto Display, Connect and Moto Voice.
The Force comes with a 21MP Sony camera, which is decent. In good light conditions the shots taken are vivid and have good detail. Lower the lighting and the camera struggles. It takes a few seconds to focus, especially in poor light. If a truly great camera is what you’re after, the Force won’t give you that.
It also comes with a huge battery that Motorola claims can last up to 48 hours. While I tried my level best to get to that mark, it’s just not possible. Being a medium to heavy user — regularly texting, emailing, using WhatsApp together with an hour of gaming — I got around five hours of screen-on time, which is great. The phone will easily last a full day with some juice left in the tank.
The Force is unique with its shatterproof display and great for people who are careless with their phones. Add top-of-the-line specs and a fluid Android experience to this and the Force is a great buy. However, flaws like the average camera and unpretty design might keep the masses away, especially with a similar price tag of a Samsung Note 5 — Dh2,799 (32GB).