The smart mirror can help you stay on top of your schedule. Image Credit: Supplied

New Delhi

At a time when everyone is talking about connected devices, here comes a touchscreen “smart” mirror that - just like your smartphone - can be your personal assistant.

All you need is a WiFi connection and an android phone for the app download.

You can turn this normal mirror from domestic firm Nuovo into a smart device that will keep you updated with notifications from social sites like Facebook and Twitter, get you latest news from leading publications, access YouTube videos and even book a cab through Uber.

“Based on Linux-based operating system, the mirror is a plug-and-play device. It is a robust material that can be installed in any area of the user’s choice. It can be wall-hung or built-in into the decorative wall as per user’s decor need,” Prasoon Shrivastava, Founder and CEO of Nuovo, told IANS.

Have a problem remembering the daily tasks? No problem -- the smart mirror can help you stay on top of your schedule with the help of Google Calendar and keep you updated with the latest decor trends and even lets you access emails.

A user can even control which app is to be displayed on the mirror. The apps which are integrated in the mirror include Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Clock (with stopwatch and alarm), News, YouTube, Maps, Uber, and Calendar updates.

According to Shrivastava, the technology is secure and does not store users data on the device.

“The mirror does not store any personal data of the user. The user behaviour data is stored in our cloud-based secure server with top-notch security features,” Shrivastava added.

The company provides one-year warranty and extended warranty is also offered. Nuovo provides free-of-cost installation.

The device, launched in February this year, comes with a choice of frame -- wooden, metal and decorative -- and is available in four sizes -- 24-inch, 32-inch, 42-inch and 50-inch.

In a wooden frame, the 24-inch version is priced at Rs145,499, the 32-inch comes for Rs175,599, the 42-inch is available for Rs226,599 and the 50-inch model for Rs305,999.

The metal-frame variant is costly with the four variants at Rs155,599, Rs187,999, Rs239,999 and Rs335,999.

Asked if Indians were ready to adopt such technology, Shrivastava said the first prototype was made keeping in mind its usability in homes.