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D-Link's newest advancements contribute to a healthier lifestyle by delivering robust and smart network connections suitable for bandwidth-intensive applications in densely populated households. The brand improves the efficiency of home networks through the creation of solutions that leverage AI technology to identify and rectify network issues.

The Eagle PRO AI stands out as an excellent mesh Wi-Fi option designed for everyday consumers seeking an enhanced Wi-Fi experience and broader coverage. This plug-and-play unit eliminates the complexities of cable management and intricate setup procedures, offering a hassle-free, out-of-the-box mesh Wi-Fi solution with straightforward configuration.

The EAGLE PRO AI Series includes AI-enhanced capabilities to optimize your Wi-Fi, as well as the AI Assistant, which intelligently monitors network usage to provide simple, actionable recommendations to keep your network running smoothly for the entire family. The Eagle PRO AI offers advanced Wi-Fi 6 speeds with AI capabilities that provide fast and efficient network connection. This ultimate solution provides coverage for your entire home and eliminates black spots and dropouts. When it comes to Wi-Fi security, this mesh Wi-Fi comes with the newest WPA3 wireless encryption. Plus, it utilises 192-bit encryption to keep your network and privacy protected from unauthorised access.

Thanks to its incorporation of intelligent connectivity technology, the Eagle PRO AI guarantees the automatic provision of top-speed performance. This ensures smooth video streaming and instant website loading. The integrated AI Wi-Fi Optimiser consistently connects your device to the optimal Wi-Fi channel, while the AI Traffic Optimiser prioritizes crucial internet usage, delivering an optimal online experience.

D-Link’s EAGLE PRO AI series delivers quicker, more secure, and more dependable connectivity for endless possibilities, whether for video conferences, HD streaming, or high-quality gaming.