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Thinking about switching from an Android device to an iPhone? Here are five stages you would go through.

After five long years of being an Android fanboy, I have switched over to the other side. Being a tech journalist, it made sense to have an Android flagship as a personal device. Considering how we would handle two iPhones a year compared to over 20 flagship Android devices.

So at that time, I bid farewell to 2011’s iPhone 4s and dived right into Every. Single. Android. Released.

And did I use them all. From every flagship Xperia even back when they were Sony Ericsson, and every LG, to 2011’s Samsung Galaxy S2 all the way up to the recent Galaxy S8. (Wow do I feel old). When brands like Huawei and Motorola then stepped up, together with OnePlus. Honor, Oppo — it’s safe to say that things got a little crazy. Oh, and let’s not forget the Google Pixel 2.

I wanted to go back to a simpler time.

Obviously, iPhones made great progress since then as well. While the 5s’ and 6s’ never did catch my attention, but the 7s’ changed everything.

So I got myself the now discontinued red iPhone 7 Plus. Similar to Kubler Ross’ five stages of grief, here are five stages you would go through, eventually ending at acceptance.

1. The “OMG what have I done?” Phase


The first two weeks will be quite a shock. Exporting your WhatsApp conversations are nearly impossible. I just started anew. The transition is quite seamless, download the ‘Move to iOS’ app on your Android and that’s about it. You would have to get used to a simple icon and home screen layout. Kiss your custom-planned, Nova-Launcher set up on your previous Android goodbye. You will also have to do without a back button — but in the first week you would get quite used to iOS’ swipe-to-go-back feature.

2. The “I love it, but won’t admit it” Phase


The hardware and software on these devices is amazing. The build quality rivals, if not exceeds competitors. This goes for the new iPhone 8s as well. The solid aluminium frame and crystal-clear display will feel at home if you’re swapping from any other flagships. You would still miss your Android though, while you re-populate your apps and log back into your 30+ accounts. A tip at this stage is to go cold turkey, don’t use two phones, swap the SIMs out and power through.

3. The “Oh, Apple music!” Phase


While Apple music has been available on Androids for a while now, using it on an iPhone, paired with Siri is a dream. Voice control (Google Assistant) and music services (Deezer/Anghami) aren’t new to smartphone users, however there’s something special about rolling over to you iPhone in the morning and going, “Hey Siri, play some hyperactive heavy metal music to start my day.” *Bing*. The interconnectivity between Apple products is incredible. I use an iPad at home, and syncing all your information is seamless. Again, interconnectivity isn’t a new thing, but this just feels a lot more natural on iOS products.

4. The “ordered my food but still look at the menu” Phase

By week three you would be familiar and comfortable with your iPhone. Your apps are logged in, your sound system, car, wearables, headphones, etc have been synced, all your Wi-Fi spots saved, and it’s smooth sailing ahead. But we’re never satisfied are we? Yep, we all know this phase. What else? What more? The next iPhone? Well, the iPhone 8 didn’t have that many upgrades from the 7, and the iPhone X is out of the question, because I might need my kidneys, so my gaze does tend to wander from time to time. Especially with a two powerful Androids, the Mate 10 Pro and the Pixel 2 hitting the UAE market within the next few weeks — only time will tell how long I stay loyal.

5. The “This is my life now” Phase

After about a month, you’re neck-deep into the Apple lifestyle. I did consider adding a #shotoniphone hashtag to my instagram bio and the #iphoneography hashtag on all my pictures. Consider being the operative word here. No, I haven’t done it… yet.


The things you would miss if you switch is the intense Google integration into your very existence, while your Google calendar can be transferred over, you won’t be able to have a month-view widget that was as accessible on your Android. This isn’t such a big deal though and you would get used to it pretty quick. One thing you would definitely feel is a sense of peace.

Android fans can never be truly satisfied with the relentless launches and amazing products available in the market from about half a dozen remarkable brands. Think of it this way, you’re driving, and instead of furiously switching gears, you’re coasting on cruise control. And I wouldn’t mind cruising for now.

(Easier said than done with the Mate 10 Pro around the corner. PS: Huawei Middle East, if you’re reading this, hit me up.)