Many institutions have begun to move from using internal sites - the intranet - and even external websites - official websites - to using Laravel and other open source frameworks. Image Credit: Rex Features

Many multi-use open sources - framework systems such as Laravel, dashboards such as Kibana, big data systems such as Hadoop, data analysis such as Elasticsearch, as well as integrated enterprise resource planning such as Open ERP - have proven how important it is to use such options.

And how they can be an alternative to paid systems that overburden small and medium institutions, and provide mechanisms to build connected systems. All that institutions have to do is to recruit programmers to develop services through them. Many institutions have begun to move from using internal sites - the intranet - and even external websites - official websites - to using Laravel and other open source frameworks.

And how it is more flexible and powerful than traditional systems such as SharePoint. Also, the transition of SMEs to use systems such as Open ERP, which includes features such as customer relationship management (CRM), ERP, point-of-sale (POS) systems, and others.

Pick up on 5G

The fifth-generation networks have started to spread remarkably well in the country, and coverage has also started to strengthen. Great efforts are being made by service providers. It’s recommended to buy phones that support 5G technology, especially by those who do not change their phones frequently. Moreover, prices have become within reach, and cheaper versions are about to be available too.

So, be ready for the future as phones like Samsung A71 5G and the upcoming OnePlus Z are less than Dh2,000. Also, many high-end phones are 5G-ready.

Be wary of smart bulbs

A number of “smart” bulbs have been experimented with, which allow for automatic control from outside the home, change their colors with voice commands, or to create configurations of different lights via internal and external bulbs. Surprisingly, most of these experiments were unsuccessful after a short period of time, even with updating the firmware on the bulbs.

The quality was not as desired. In fact, only bulbs from one company have proven their worth - they are the Philips Hue Connected Bulbs. They represent the ideal mix of quality and perfection. So, if you want to buy, then my advice is that this brand is the best choice.

Stick with TVs running on quantum dot technology

The technology is more than seven years old. Throughout this period, it was expensive and so difficult to recommend. But as it entered high volume production, it has become easier for us to do so. This type of display gives a much higher quality with minor price differences these days.

It has many labels in the marketplacce - Samsung calls it QLED. Sony, the leader in overall quality, calls it ‘Triluminous’, and Philips simply called it ‘Quantum Dot’. These displays are characterized by high performance and excellence in colors, especially black, which is difficult to achieve in full except in the most expensive displays using OLED technology.

Wireless charging ways

This technology is one of the best paradigm shifts in the history of devices, and is undoubtedly the future. By using wireless charging, you can mostly charge all types of phones, Bluetooth headphones, or other devices without having to look at the type of device. The same device can charge Apple iPhone and many other Android phones. So, make sure to always buy phones that support wireless charging not less than 15 watts.

The wireless charger should be at least 15 watts or more and compatible with most phones. By the way, some devices offer much higher speed, but they are exclusive for their brands. The wireless charging technology is expected to be gradually used in refrigerators, TVs, light bulbs, and all home appliances.

Activating the blue light filter

Everyone knows that the blue light emitted by smartphones strains eyes and causes insomnia. Therefore, we advise everyone to activate the blue light filter option available in most phones, especially during the period from sunset to sunrise.

Smart home hubs

Many homes suffer from faulty intercoms when calling domestic workers. So some are forced to give them phones or buy many strange types of outdated home communication devices. One of the best ways to solve this problem is to install personal assistant devices - or home hubs - from Google or Amazon’s Alexa and use them for calling, provided the devices are connected into one home wireless network.

- Ahmed Al Zarouni is a Dubai-based tech specialist.