Game Centric
Image Credit: Supplied

Gamers worldwide have it made this festive season, thanks to an initiative drawn up by home-grown premier gaming platform, GameCentric. The popular Made in UAE gaming platform is delighting gamers worldwide and elevating the gaming experience with a spectacular series of tournaments that started on December 3 and continues till December 23. It is the ultimate gaming face-off, and all gamers are invited.

Gamers of all levels, from seasoned pros to newbies are welcome to join the game fest that features some of the most popular gaming titles including DOTA2, Fortnite, Valorant, COD Mobile, League Of Legends and more.

With entry being free for all participants aged 13 and above, users can visit the GameCentric website to create their free account, explore the available tournaments, and register for their favourite titles. Up for grabs is a prize pool of Dh6,000. Make sure to sign up and keep track of your favourite game to compete on.

GameCentric is a leading regional gaming platform that offers more than 50 game titles, holding appeal to a wide gamer audience, and with more title tournaments to be added in the coming months. In line with the ambitious vision outlined by the Dubai Program for Gaming 2033, GameCentric is on track to propel Dubai towards becoming a top-tier global gaming hub. Recognising the crucial role of talent, content, and technology in achieving this vision, GameCentric’s cutting-edge platform empowers gamers and developers, fostering a vibrant and dynamic gaming community. By contributing to the program’s goal of generating a $1billion incremental GDP impact, the platform is set to play a vital role in shaping Dubai’s future as a leading force in the global gaming industry.