Performers in Pikachu costumes dance at a Splash show and Pokemon Go Park event in Yokohama, Japan. Image Credit: Reuters

Los Angeles: Fans who play Pokemon late into the night have a new incentive to get to bed in the form of a sleep app that rewards them with the franchise's signature monsters.

Pokemon Co and Niantic, two of the companies behind the wildly popular Pokemon Go augmented reality mobile game, released Pokemon Sleep this month.

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app monitors sleep through the user's phone, placed on the bedDeveloped by SELECT BUTTON Inc., the app monitors sleep through the user's phone, placed on the bed. Players receive Pokemon when they wake up, more for the deepest slumber.

Originating in Japan in the 1990s, Pokemon, named for "pocket monsters," spawned a global multi-billion dollar media franchise spanning trading cards, games, TV shows and movies.

The role-playing game pits colorful anime creatures and their human trainers against each other. The characters including lovable yellow Pikachu have different powers, such as the ability to paralyze attackers.

"Pokemon Sleep provides another opportunity for anyone with a smart device to interact with Pokemon and provides an opportunity to look forward to waking up in the morning and also to get lots of sleep," said Yuri Horie, product marketing manager at Pokemon Co.