Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

In figures revealed by Fortune Business Insights last year the global digital transformation market is expected to grow exponentially to reach $3.54 trillion by 2028, and stakeholders are excited about the prospects for growth, not just in terms of profits but also the new research and data that will go into creating path-breaking technology to support these stats. Regionally, events such as Gitex Global are helping train the spotlight on what this burgeoning market has in store for businesses, with players fronting the next big thing in digital transformation.

No-code tech

Nirmal Kumar Manoharan

Speaking to GN Focus on key trends in the space, Nirmal Kumar Manoharan, Regional Director, ManageEngine, says, “The acceleration in digital transformation is making citizen application development a norm. So much so, Gartner predicts that by 2025, 70 per cent of new applications developed by enterprises will use low-code or no-code technologies. This trend will enable professionals and their organisations to enhance capabilities, making it easier to adopt new business models and find multiple channels of growth.

Suchit Kumar

Agreeing on the point while discussing trends, Suchit Kumar, CEO, Texub, says, “For improved, cost-effective, and efficient delivery of business, organisations are adapting to a data-driven culture where technology helps drive people and processes. Also, within a channel-driven business, channel building and expansion are the key drivers of business transformation. Additionally, adopting digital business tools will be inevitable for business growth, and organisations need to be committed to participate.”

Acting as enabler

Excited about the avenues Gitex Global is offering to front innovations in digital transformation, Manoharan of ManageEngine says, “We first participated in Gitex in 2007, when it was the most sought-after tech show in the Middle East. Since then, we have seen it emerge as one of the premier tech events globally. Considering the event has proven to be a great platform to connect with a wider audience in the region, vendors have used Gitex to highlight their innovations. ManageEngine highly values Gitex.

"We hope this year’s event offers us even more opportunities to interact with customers, prospects, and partners and showcase our advanced solutions, including our AI-enabled ITSM tool, ServiceDesk Plus, and our IT analytics product, Analytics Plus.”

Sunil Paul

Sunil Paul, Co-Founder and MD, Finesse, hopes his firm’s solutions in digital transformation will provide the best outcomes to value clients. With eyes firmly trained on the digital transformation space at Gitex Global, Paul says, “Through the years, Finesse has refined the process of helping businesses chart out their digital transformation journeys. Be it a pure brick-and-mortar business or a business just entering the digital world, Finesse has helped chart the best path businesses can take to experience the best outcomes.

“This year at Gitex, Finesse will emphasise to companies the importance of investing in cybersecurity. As a result of the increased digitalisation of services, cybersecurity incidents and threats have increased. These data breaches make it difficult for customers to trust businesses and hinder smooth operations. It is imperative to implement a robust cybersecurity process alongside digital transformation initiatives. By combining these two elements, businesses will be able to enjoy the benefits of their digital transformation journey sooner, better, and for a longer period of time.”

Ultimately, Gitex Global is a sweet spot for businesses looking to enhance their digital transformation journeys while staying abreast of long-term global advancements in the space.