The Olympic firework display in Tokyo Bay
The simulated Olympic firework display in Tokyo Bay Image Credit: Supplied

A video of a fireworks ceremony that allegedly took place has been exposed as a fake.

There was reportedly meant to be a fireworks display to mark the opening of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games on July 23, but the quadrennial event was postponed until next summer due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A video emerged with claims that it It would not have been safe to keep the expolsives on the shelf until the Games eventually begin, so organisers in Tokyo decided to go ahead with the display.

However, fact-checking website Boom has uncovered the video is originally from 2015, and was created using a fireworks simulator website.

"BOOM ran a reverse image search on a few of its key-frames and found the same video posted on a YouTube channel," the website noted. "The video was uploaded on December 1 , 2015 to the platform ... On translating the description with the video we found that the video was created in commemoration of Mount Fuji's World Cultural Heritage registration."