Fashionistas gathered at Meydan for the Dubai World Cup 2018 Image Credit: Arshad Ali/Gulf News

Dubai: The big winners of the Meydan Style Stakes ‪on Saturday had the most stand-out, stunning outfits of the day.

Dozens of fashion forward people participated in the annual event at the world’s richest race, the Dubai World Cup, at Apron Views of the at Meydan Racecourse.

Following are the winners:

Best dressed lady

All Dimech who was named Best Dressed Lady, made her dress herself.

“It’s my own design” she says, adding: “My fascinator is completely eco-friendly and made with biodegradable material.”

She came all the way from Australia to Dubai for the World Cup. “It’s an absolute pleasure to be here in this wonderful atmosphere,” Dimech added.

Best dressed pair

When it came to well-dressed pairs, the winners were Neil Carpenter and Lisa Wellings. They donned amazing blue outfits.

The stand out piece was Neil’s remarkable top hat and Lisa’s incredibly detailed blue lace dress. The pair, wore elegant outfits made up primarily of a rich blue and navy colour.

“I bought the top hat from Berlin. I spotted it in a vintage hat shop as I was running a marathon, then went back to buy it.”

Best dressed man 

The best Best Dressed Man prize went to Nader Telab from Sudan, who was very excited to have won. “I used to be a stylist and created my own three piece suit.”

It’s a white blazer and pants and a blue waist coat. He also carried with him a royal blue umbrella with a golden handle. He high-fived every other nominee as his name was announced, then took a bow. 

Nader Talib, from Sudan, was picked as the best dressed man at the Dubai World Cup Style Stakes on Saturday. — Gulf News

Best hat

The best hat went to Oksana Belyeaeva. She created the hat herself. Originally from Russia, she is based in Australia and came to Dubai specifically for the horse race.

Belyeaeva is a semi-professional milliner. But her main job is a researcher in environmental sciences. Her hat is made with plastic and rubber.

“I didn’t expect to win. I enjoy dressing up and having some fun with my outfits,” she said.

Oksana Belayeva, winner of the Style Stakes Best Hat category at Meydan during the Dubai World Cup on Saturday. — Antonin Kélian Kallouche/Gulf News

Most creative hat 

Charlotte Coddis, an artist based in Dubai and maker of wearable art, bagged the most creative hat award at the Style Stakes. Made it out of wire and plastic, her hand-made hat was inspired by the French artist Henry Mattise. “I even hand-painted my own clutch”, she said, holding up her monogrammed “C.C” clutch.

Charlotte Coddis (centre), winner of the Style Stakes Most Creative Hat, is seen at Meydan. Antonin Kélian Kallouche/Gulf News

Coddis, who has been in Dubai for four years, is one of the 650 contestants competing for prizes worth Dh250,000 as part of Saturday's Dubai World Cup 2018.


The ladies line up on stage to show off their best and most creative hats. Over 50 participants joined the hat category... — Yousra Zaki/Gulf News


Rules of the Meydan Style Stakes state that participants must wear hats and fascinators at all times.

Their dresses and tops must have two straps that are at least one inch wide, hemlines must fall no higher than just above the knee, sunglasses must not be worn on stage, and casual wear is not permitted.


The contests were judged by Blogger Tala Samman, Fashion Director of Design 24, Noor Breish, award-winning milliner Ana Pribylova, Daniel Higgins, fashion editor of Esquire Middle East and Grazia Middle East, Fashion and Beauty Editor, Lucy Wildman.


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