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Dubai win extra-special to Yin

New champion admits Shanshan’s feat gives her the push to raise the bar

Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News
USA's Angel Yin wins top prize at the Omega Dubai Ladies Classic taking place at the Emirates Golf Club on Saturday.
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Dubai: Angel Yin said she ‘couldn’t have asked for a better’ way to end the season than by winning the Omega Dubai Ladies Classic and cap a memorable rookie year on the LPGC Tour.

The 19-year-old, who was playing on the European Ladies Tour (LET) for the second year, said winning in Dubai made it a standout success for her.

“I feel amazing. Actually my first major Tour professional win, so this is big for me,” she said. “I couldn’t have asked for a better one.

“I did win some mini-Tour events when I started out. (But) this is like a major Tour. So this is a very meaningful win.”

However, it did not come easy after she tied with former champion In-Yung Kim from South Korea and Frenchwoman Celine Herbin at the end of a tumultuous fourth round at the Emirates Golf Club’s challenging Majlis course on Sunday.

The resultant play-off went to the second extra hole, where Yin’s nerve held while Kim’s did not. Herbin had put herself out of contention by finding the water on the first extra hole.

“That play-off, I think it just added a boost,” said Yin. “ I didn’t want a play-off but obviously it’s awesome to have a playoff and play with IK.”

Asked how she planned to celebrate her milestone victory Yin said: “With penguins at the Emirates Mall!”

“It’s at 7pm and I’m so excited. I’m going to bring Olivia (Cowan) and Nicole (Larsen) with me it’s going to be fun.

“We went to the Dubai Mall and we walked in there and I was like, I could spend a good three days there, like just stay there and just go in the mall. It’s huge.

“I mean, when I come next time I want to come earlier and sightsee,” she added “Last year I came straight from Tour School, so I didn’t have much time and I left right away because I decided to play in this China event.

“This year, I just booked my flights wrong. I should have stayed longer. This place is awesome,” Yin said.

“(Then) I am going to go to China to see my grandparents. I won’t be back in LA until January 11 and I’m going to prepare for my 2018 year. I won’t be touching a club for the whole month.”

Asked how much the Dubai victory will impact on her career and for 2018 she said: “It’s huge for me because at the LPGA, the last event, the CME, I didn’t play that well. I played terribly.

“So to close out this year, 2017, which I think I’ve done really well, to close it off on a really good note and such a big win in Dubai and on the LET, it just gives me that stamp, like you can do it.

“I know next year I’m going to have confidence more.

Asked if fellow Chinese golfer Shanshan, a four-time winner in Dubai was a heroine for her, she commented: “Yes, I mean, for her to win this many times, I was like, I’m going to do that. Yeah, kind of gives you that push.

“I’ll be coming back next year. Of course I want to see the LET people, too.”