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Everton manager Sean Dyche. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: This has been yet another disastrous season for my beloved Everton. They flirted with relegation in the last campaign and are once again in the bottom three. The job was far too big for former coach Frank Lampard who proved to be hopelessly out of his depth. He ought to have been sacked before the Qatar World Cup but was eventually relieved of his duties in late January and the Toffees turned to Sean Dyche and I believe he is the man to save us from our current crisis.

As the former Burnley manager gets used to life at Goodison Park, I am confident he can steer the team clear of relegation. He made a great start by beating league leaders Arsenal 1-0 in his first match in charge but then lost the derby against Liverpool.

Very strong

Then followed another win against Leeds but Everton have since suffered two consecutive defeats - at home to Aston Villa and then a thumping at the Emirates. But in the first 40 minutes away at the Gunners, Everton looked very strong. Dyche had organised the team and they were on the front foot and in control. But two bad mistakes gave Mikel Arteta’s side the advantage and they never looked back. Overall though, there has been a huge improvement by the Blues since Dyche took over and I am optimistic about the future.

Despite being labeled as a long-ball merchant, his tactical flexibility and exceptional man-management skills make him the ideal choice for Everton’s long-term future.

While some fans may have preferred Marcelo Bielsa, I don’t believe the Argentinian’s extreme methods were suitable for a mid-season turnaround. Everton needed a manager who would provide clear direction and leadership to a squad that had lost its identity. Dyche has proven his ability to thrive with limited resources at Burnley, and he can do even better with a team that has better players than his former club.

Dyche is not a one-dimensional coach who relies solely on route-one football. He knows at Everton, the School of Science, he will have to play good attacking football that gets the crowd on their feet. In time, I believe he will. But right now he can get the team fit, focused, and give them a clear identity which is far more important than pretty football. He has already helped reconnect the team with the fanbase. Everton’s lack of direction and unity has been a significant problem, but Dyche’s all-round managerial abilities can change that. His clear and firm beliefs, coupled with the support as his assistants Steve Stone and Ian Woan make him the right fit for the job.

Everton have been in a mess for far too long, with many good players regressing and the club lacking a sense of purpose. Dyche can bring that much-needed long-term vision, which is more critical than throwing money at the problem. His proven track record with players makes him the right choice to turn Everton’s fortunes around.

Long-term strategy

Relegation is not the solution to Everton’s problems, and Dyche’s appointment could be the difference between success and failure for the club. Farhad Moshiri’s investment has not produced the desired results, and the club needs a long-term strategy. I reckon Dyche can provide that vision and ensure that Everton are safe from relegation for years to come. He can give the club a solid base to build on.

He many not have been the fashionable choice but he is the right man for the job. His tactical flexibility, man-management skills, and clear vision make him the perfect fit for a club that has struggled with its identity and direction for years. With Dyche at the helm, Everton should be as safe as houses.