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Manama The unexpectedly heavy defeat by Brazil against Germany in the football World Cup smi-finals has resulted in long queues at a burger restaurant in Riyadh that had offered a SR2 reduction for each goal scored in the match.

With Germany scoring seven goals and Brazil one goal, Burgerizzer gave a SR16 discount for the eight goals in the match.

The chain owners have obviously never thought that the final result would be so prolific, but they honoured their promise and posted the SR 16 discount offer on their Twitter account.

Scores of people could be seen queuing up at the different restaurants in the Saudi capital, local news site Sabq reported on Wednesday.

Many of them were alerted through the instant coverage by users on Twitter and other social media about the special reduction offer that helped them pay much less for their burgers.

“I wonder how the owners feel now,” one blogger wrote. “No one ever would have thought that a match between Brazil and Germany would have eight goals. But, the young people at least could have their suhoor (pre-fasting) meal for a reduced price that will be recalled later among the memories of this weird match.”

Another blogger said that he appreciated the commitment of the restaurant to its pledge.

“Others, shocked by the score and its implications for the restaurant finances, would simply look for excuses and impose a SR6 cap, for example,” he wrote.

The chain has reportedly said that it was repeating its offer of a SR2 discount per goal scored in the second semi-final between Holland and Argentina.