Lothar Matthaeus Image Credit: AFP

Moscow: Brazil winger Neymar is a world class footballer who does not need to exaggerate when he is fouled because it does not earn him any sympathy with the fans, former Germany captain and World Cup winner Lothar Matthaeus said. “Neymar does not need it. He is an excellent player, one of the five best players in the world,” the 57-year-old Matthaeus, who won the 1990 world Cup with West Germany, told reporters.

“Why does he need the acting? “It does not bring him sympathy. [1986 World Cup winner] Diego Maradona was not acting, [Argentina captain] Lionel Messi is not acting. We need players like Neymar but not the acting.”

Matthaeus said it was up to referees to put a stop to such antics, adding that, during his playing days, Colombia’s Carlos Valderrama was one such culprit but now there were just too many.