Brentford manager Thomas Frank. Image Credit: Supplied

Brentford boss Thomas Frank said the abuse directed at managers is a “disgrace” after Graham Potter and his family received death threats amid Chelsea’s run of poor form.

Potter said last week that he received emails “that want me to die and want my kids to die” with Chelsea having won only twice in their last 15 matches under the Englishman.

“Unfortunately, in some cases it (the abuse) is part of the industry, and I think in many ways that’s a disgrace,” Frank said.

Lonely job

“One abuse is one too many. It’s the few that are the noisiest and we hear the most. I think it’s very important that we need to be aware that there are still a lot of fans out there that back them.” Frank said that a manager’s role is a “lonely job”.

“Hopefully we have some good friends that can look after us if and when we lose our job,” Frank added.

“We are maybe the only ones that really know the pain you are feeling. It’s a lonely job. (The pressure) on assistant coaches, players, directors - it’s just different. I think it’s important that support’s there.”