Urmila Rosario (left) with  Mitchell Starc.
Urmila Rosario (left) with Mitchell Starc. Image Credit: twitter/ x Australia Cricket Board

Urmila Rosario, the 34-year-old manager of the Australian cricket team, has become a focal point of admiration in the sporting world following Australia's historic win. The team clinched their record-breaking sixth ICC ODI World Cup title on Indian soil this month.

Urmila Rosario was born in Doha, Qatar, to Ivy and Valentine Rosario, who were expats in the country. Based on an interview run in regional media publication, Mangalorean News, the couple are currently coffee planters based in Sakleshpur, after having lived in Qatar for 40 years. 

The parents detailed Urmila's remarkable journey and talked about how Urmila defied the conventional career path, opting for sports over other streams. 

While tennis was her passion, a string of unfortunate incidents, including injuries, dashed her dreams of becoming a professional tennis player. Urmila later decided to pursue a career in sports management. Some Indian reports claim that it was Krishna Bhupathi, a former Indian tennis player and coach, who recognized her potential and suggested a career in sports management.

She worked with the Qatar Tennis Federation for three years, the report continued.

Rosario's parents added, the report said, that she never thought she would be associated with cricket. But, soon Rosario undertook a sports management role with the Adelaide women's cricket team in Australia. Last year, Urmila temporarily left her cricket management role to oversee a football stadium in Qatar during the FIFA World Cup.

After her four-month stint in football, Rosario returned to Australia which is when she was handed the role of team manager for the Australia men’s cricket team ahead of the World Cup. Rosario handles everything for the team, including transport and accommodation.