An emotion is a strong feeling — a feeling such as joy, sadness, fear, or anger that moves us. The experience makes you live not just exist. It transforms our life from a series of plain tasteless events and facts into a living, breathing experience. Your feelings affect your brain, heart rhythms, entire body, energy, thoughts and relations. When we are upset, it’s usually hard to think clearly, behave properly and choose wisely and regretting is an inevitable consequence. On the contrary, when you feel joyful, secure, cared for and appreciated your heart rhythms become even and smooth. They send positive signals to the brain that starts to think clearly and make better decisions.

Academic intellect and technical proficiency are never enough to succeed. Emotional management (control) and effective interpersonal relationships have made the difference between success and failure. You have to learn to ride the waves of emotion, instead of letting them knock you over.

You have three brains. The first brain drives your instincts, reflexes and basic physical functions. It is there for your own survival. Your second brain drives your feelings and emotions. It is your inner guide of your likes and dislikes. It stores your memories and makes you learn from your past mistakes. It helps you recall the past; however, it can’t foresee the future, calculate risks or consider the consequences of your actions which are the functions of your third brain. Your third brain is your brake, your problem solver, your friend that protects you against the emotional outburst and impulsive responses of your second brain

You need to learn how to use the three. harmoniously. Whenever you receive emotional triggers, pause and allow six seconds for your third brain to interfere. When you experience emotional trauma or pain, pause your third brain and allow your second brain to send you the message it wants you to receive. Your pain is not your enemy; it is your guiding system that tells you that something should be done, an action should be taken or a boundary should be set.

-The reader is a business development manager, coach, and instructor based in Dubai