Image Credit: Illustration: Dana A. Shams/©Gulf News

When the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) Chairman Yasser Arafat addressed the United Nations General Assembly in 1974, he said: "The roots of the Palestinian question do not stem from any conflict between two religions or two nationalisms; neither is it a border conflict between neighbouring states. It is the cause of a people deprived of their unalienable rights, driven out of their homeland, dispersed and uprooted and living mostly in exile and refugee camps."

In saying so, Arafat was addressing the world to take notice and be warned of the consequences that might stem from the loss of Palestinians' unalienable rights. He wanted the world to be fully aware that the loss of Palestine to the very well-armed forces of the Zionist state does not mean in any way, shape or form, the loss of the national identity of the Palestinian people and their struggle to attain their unalienable rights that are the absolute rights of every people in our world as decreed by the United Nations charter. Indeed, liquidating the Palestinian national identity was the second item on the Zionists' agenda after historical Palestine came under the control of the colonial Israeli occupation. Tel Aviv was adamant in refusing to address the issue of the Palestinian refugees for fear of having to deal with their unalienable rights guaranteed by the UN charter which politically created the Zionist state in 1949.

Status quo

In this context, let us ‘cut to the chase' and observe the status quo of the so-called ‘peace process.' The whole world, including Israel, has agreed that the only solution to the Palestinian question is the two-state solution, a Palestinian state living side-by-side with Israel in tranquillity and peaceful co-existence. Such a lofty goal to ensure a just and ever enduring peace in the Middle East requires that the two states provide to their respective peoples the same UN-guaranteed unalienable rights. This crucial requirement of full equality in national rights regarding both the Israeli and Palestinian states does not even exist on the agenda of the so-called ‘peace process' making the process of reaching a final settlement totally unfeasible.

In fact, this process now stands between ‘a master race' with endowed divine entitlements such as ‘the chosen people of God' and an ‘inferior people' who must stay subservient to ‘the master race'. The very actions of the Israeli colonial rule in the Occupied Territories are based upon the apartheid system which has been inflaming the emotions of the entire Islamic world in addition to many others, including Jews inside and outside Israel. The establishment of a Palestinian state is far greater in scope and significance than the demarcation of boundaries that are shrinking by the day by Israeli annexations of Palestinians lands to build more colonies.

The so-called ‘peace process' was never meant to be taken seriously nor was it an intention of Israel to address the unalienable rights of the Palestinian people towards establishing their own democratic and independent state of Palestine within the framework of a two-state solution. The basic ideology of Zionism refers to all historical Palestine as ‘Eretz Israel' or ‘the land of Israel', said to be divinely promised only to the adherents of the Jewish faith, ‘the only true faith'! The same Zionist belief has been embraced as a scheme totally Judaising occupied Jerusalem to be "the eternal capital of the Jewish State".

Meanwhile, the peace process is asking the Palestinians and the Arab countries to recognise Israel as a Jewish state despite the fact that Judaism is a religion not a nationality. At this juncture, it is worth noticing that the real agenda of the current right-wing government in Israel will directly affect the very survival of the Zionist state. Many in Israel along with many Jews around the world, especially in America, are fully aware of the suicidal path being followed by the right-wing government of Israel. They are doing their best to prevent the right-wing politics in Israel from destroying the Zionist state and world Jewry with it. So, the so-called peace process, to the minds of the majority of Israelis, is meant to allow Israel time to carry through its Zionist agenda of completely Judaising historical Palestine including occupied Jerusalem. Any resistance against the process of Judaisation taking place under the guise of the peace process will be branded as a terrorist act against Israel as well as international security!

This is why, the peace process has turned the Palestinian people into prisoners abused and robbed on a daily basis in the name of ‘peace-in-the-making' that will never be realised at the hands of the present Israeli government. The ugly fact of the peace process is that it has been transformed into a daily swallowing up of pieces of Palestinian lands to feed the hungry process of Judaisation of historical Palestine which cannot be finalised without the total transfer of all the Palestinians in the Occupied Territories from their historical homeland including occupied Jerusalem.

Professor As'ad Abdul Rahman is the Chairman of the Palestinian Encyclopaedia.