Keeping a journal continually reminds you of why you’re doing what you do Image Credit: Pixabay

We live in a mad, mad world. A world that gets madder when we accommodate anxiety, that strange beast, and its close cousin, panic. The crazy rush to get toiletries and other supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic, paints a picture of what happens when we fail to commit ourselves to the practice of essentialism.

Every time a disaster strikes, people begin to act like it is the end of the world, taking specific drastic measures ranging from inconsequential to potentially harmful. Amid the storms of life, there is always a voice that tugs at our minds, trying to pull us to find the essential path.

Many a time, we fail to yield to this voice, continuing in a predictable unproductive loop. Whether we choose to quiet this voice and do things on a whim like the rest of the world largely depends upon us.

Making order out of chaos is a behaviour you can learn today to help you thrive — and not merely survive, during chaotic times as this. Combining these many beneficial practices can completely transform our lives



Essentialism is an art that enables us to hear the silent whispers coming from our hearts of hearts over the deafening external noise of our environment.

Essentialism is more than a time management list: it’s a mindset — a way of life. In times of adversity, we come to learn of the ephemerality of things we give our attention to, and that in the end, it’s the joy that stems from the practice of essentialism that endures.

While everything else has gone for a toss, it is time to fall back upon the essential things in life — meditation, sleep, fitness, nutrition, spending time with family and loved ones.

Life presents us with yet another chance to regain lost ground. By seizing the opportunity inherent in self-isolation to begin a journey of self-discovery, we can become infinitely more at ease with nature.

Can Essentialism Combat Anxiety?

The practice of essentialism makes us feel more in control of our lives and the things happening around us. In essence, we can connect with our deepest selves and better think things through.

Since anxiety is associated with a perceived lack of control, we can simply add back to our lives the things that we do feel in control of.

Choosing to do the essential things helps us to “editing our lives” and bring back a sense of empowerment and control. Here are 6 essential things you can do to get you right on track!

1. Keep A Journal

Journaling is a habit that brings clarity to your life. In fact, the success of forming almost any habit revolves around the art of journaling. Keeping a journal continually reminds you of why you’re doing what you do. The benefits of journaling are genuinely overwhelming.

Going through this exercise daily, exponentially increases your ability to visualise and think in retrospect. You can start the period of journaling by practising the art of gratitude.

2. Start a Meditation Practice

There are limitless potentials to the power of meditation. With meditation, you have access to an intelligence far higher than what an untrained mind can conceive. Often, one can access solutions to problems by harnessing the powers of a serene mind. The practise of meditation doesn’t have to be scary.

Creating a very simple daily practise of meditating at specific periods each day (usually in the morning) should go a long way in helping out. It is beneficial to choose a space that you associate with safety, serenity, health, and healing.

3. Keep Your Devices Away

Never forget that your gadgets are not your best friends. Constant use of entertainment devices does not only sap up your will power but also steals precious golden moments from you, such as real quality time with family and friends.

Just some free advice — your gadgets should not be the first thing you look at in the morning or that last thing you see before you go to bed. It is crucial to make an effort to get off devices and spend some time with the people you care about.

Engaging in some indoor games such as chess, monopoly, scrabble, hide-and-seek, backyard soccer, and lots more will help you form an unbelievably strong bond with your loved ones.

4. Get Sweaty — It’s Great!

There’s something about the difference exercise makes — that rush of oxygen into the system and lungs. It’s like inhaling the spirit of confidence and exhaling the spirit of doubt. The benefits of exercise are genuinely unimaginably great.

When the body moves, the mind moves also — and so does your inner world. While you exercise, your mind automatically begins to become organised. The sooner you realised that the mind and the body are connected, the better.

Never miss out on an opportunity to get your body moving around like a merry plaything while oxygenating your spirit in the process! The endorphins released during an exercise is excellent, but more importantly, you regain a sense of control over your life, beginning from your own body.

5. Don’t Forget to Have a Good Sleep

There are many problems with being sleep-deprived. One such problem is the compromise of our precious ability to prioritise. Sleep enhances our ability to explore and make connections, thereby boosting productivity throughout the waking hours.

Rest is also a period necessary for one’s body to recover, making it very vital for the mind, body, and mental clarity. Getting at least 6-8 hours of deep sleep will do you some remarkable wonders.

6. A Healthy Nutrition

What has diet got to do with essentialism, you may ask? The answer? Everything! Nutrition is one of the vital elements for perfect health.

Proper nutrition provides your body and brain with all the minerals and vitamins necessary for seamless functioning. Always remember that a weak body cannot carry a strong spirit.

Whole plant foods contain the powerhouse of nutrients that gives you a supercharged immune system and an improved ability to focus.

Making order out of chaos is a behaviour you can learn today to help you thrive — and not merely survive, during chaotic times as this. Combining these many beneficial practices can completely transform our lives.

Dhiren Harchandani is a transformative coach