Mother's Day
Mother’s Day is an important occasion for families to honour and celebrate the love and sacrifices of mothers Image Credit: Pexels

Mother’s Day is a celebration of motherhood and maternal bonds, and it is observed in different parts of the world on various dates.

The origin of Mother’s Day dates back to ancient times, with different cultures and civilisations celebrating motherhood in their own ways.

In the Middle East, Mother’s Day has a rich history and is deeply rooted in the region’s cultural traditions.

In the Middle East, Mother’s Day is often traced back to the Egyptian civilisation. The ancient Egyptians used to hold an annual festival which involved the presentation of gifts and offerings.

The festival was eventually adopted by the Greeks, who also celebrated the deity Rhea as a mother figure.

In modern times, the concept of Mother’s Day came to be observed Middle East around the Spring equinox (between March 20 and 23).

The first official Mother’s Day celebration in the region was held in Egypt in 1956, following a decree by President Gamal Abdel Nasser.

The holiday was intended to recognise the important role of mothers in society and to promote the ideals of family values and maternal love.

From Egypt, Mother’s Day spread to other parts of the Middle East, including Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria.

The Spring Feast

In these countries, Mother’s Day is celebrated on March 21, which is the first day of spring and the traditional Persian New Year.

The holiday is also known as the “Spring Feast” and is a time for families to come together and honour their mothers with gifts, flowers, and special meals.

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Celebrating motherhood in the UAE

In key parts of the Middle East, like the UAE, Mother’s Day is celebrated with much joy on March 21. Children often prepare handmade cards, gifts, and special meals for their mothers.

Many families also take the opportunity to give back to their mothers by doing something special for them, such as taking them out for a meal.

The celebration of Mother’s Day in the UAE is not limited to just one day. Many businesses and organisations hold events and activities throughout the week leading up to the holiday.

For example, some shopping malls hold Mother’s Day markets, where vendors sell unique gifts and crafts for mothers. Additionally, some restaurants offer special menus and discounts for mothers and their families.

The UAE government has also taken steps to recognise and celebrate the contributions of mothers.

Earlier today President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan took to Twitter on Tuesday to pay tribute to his mother, Sheikha Fatima, the Mother of the Nation, and to all the mothers around the world.

Mother of the Nation

“To my beloved mother, and mothers everywhere, you remain an unwavering source of love, strength and inspiration,” he wrote on Twitter.

“You are celebrated and cherished today and every day, and we pray for your continued health and happiness. I wish you a very happy Mother’s Day.”

Sheikha Fatima, Mother of the Nation, is a truly inspiring symbol of love, devotion and sincerity. She is known for her tireless work to empower women and promote family values. 

Mother’s Day is an important occasion for families to honour and celebrate the love and sacrifices of mothers, and it serves as a reminder of the important role that mothers play in shaping society and culture.