Noise pollution is not new, but it has become more problematic with the development of our country. There are many major sources for the recent increase in noise pollution. One of them is road traffic, which is a noise pollutant that is one of the most widespread and growing environmental problems. The main reason is the increase of traffic in cities. Another noise pollutant is coming from air and rail traffic. In areas close to the airports and railway tracks, the sound of airplanes and trains are major sources. Neighbourhoods and domestic noise is caused by barking dogs, car horns, loud music and building construction.

There are also several harmful effects from noise pollution that can affect our health and well-being. High noise levels can lead to nervous tension and increased blood pressure. Those exposed to high noise level can also experience sleep deprivation and increased number of headaches.

Every problem has a solution – including this one. We can reducing noise emissions by developing low-noise products. For example, better mufflers on automobiles and screens and enclosures around machinery to obstruct the path of noise. This will help people working in and living near factories. We can also take measures at home, such as double glazed glass windows to keep out noise. We can also spread public awareness by providing factual information of the harmful effects of noise. Encourage peers to travel by bus to reduce traffic rather than by our own personal automobiles.

All these measures can succeed only by the participation of the public.

- The reader is based in Dubai.