RAMADAN in Dubai / lights / decoration
Ramadan lights at Mall of the Emirates in Dubai Image Credit: Ahmad Alotbi/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi’s Abrahamic Family House

My visit to the Abrahamic Family House with my family was fascinating (“Abrahamic Family House: What to know as the complex opens to all visitors, offers guided tours”, Gulf News, March 01). It’s a meeting place of three religious spaces: a mosque, a synagogue, and a church, which depicts a secular outlook in this modern era and symbolises world peace.

In addition, the Abrahamic Family house represents interfaith coexistence. Seeing the synagogue, mosque, and church together in one compound was a pleasing sight.

From Ms Rhea Eappen


World Health Day

April 7, World Health Day, focuses on and raises awareness around health issues that affect people all over the globe. It is necessary to make individuals aware that health is wealth. We need to recognise that well-being is an essential factor in our lives. Keeping yourself fit and safe is significant. It will help spread awareness by imparting information about health and fitness to the public, and World Health Day is instrumental in raising people’s consciousness. The day brings the public’s attention to the relevance of global health. World Health Organisation plans a theme every year, based on which different activities for World Health Day are held. It targets all health-related problems as a day observed at both international and national levels. People should concentrate on eliminating unhealthy habits and behaviour and shift towards a healthier life, especially those who consume medicines for hypertension or other illnesses. We should look at our reformed areas and reflect on how well our well-being can be and can lead our loved ones and us to a well-behaved, safe life. So a big element of Health Day is a balanced lifestyle and a healthier world around you.

From Mr Hari Shankar


Ramadan Mubarak

I wish to congratulate and extend my greetings to the Editor-in-Chief and staffers of Gulf News on the occasion of Ramadan (“Ramadan: A month of contemplation, patience, and giving”, Gulf News, March 22). Fasting and praying during this month will lead to greater consciousness.

The month brings a better understanding of human life, self-confidence, and patience. It brings a sense of meaning to a chaotic world. It creates a sense of value in our life. A happy Ramadan to everybody, Ramadan Mubarak.

From Mr Ramesh G Jethwani


Madrid Spain Masters badminton 2023: PV Sindhu loses in final

I was happy when the out-of-form PV Sindhu bounced back to reach the Madrid Spain Masters Super 300 Badminton finals. Since she was playing the finals against Indonesian Gregoria Mariska Tunjung, to whom she had never lost in their last 7 outings. But alas, it was another disappointing outing for Sindhu, as she quickly lost the match to the Indonesian in straight sets. Sindhu was complacent against her and forgot that her opponents improved by leaps and bounds. It is quite possible that the tough semi-finals could have taken her toll. I hope she recovers soon.

From Ms Janaki Mahadevan


Be the change you want to see — A sustainable view

With the Expo 2020 Dubai leaving behind a mark of legacy, the rise of 2023 as ‘The Year of Sustainability,’ and the much-awaited COP28 just over the horizon, it certainly is the dawn of a new era in the UAE (“COP28 will have a lasting impact on global sustainability, says Sheikh Hamdan”, Gulf News, February 28). The word ‘eco’ is being echoed, and huge strides are being taken towards building a better planet; this is largely attributed to the responsible leadership of UAE and the vision it beholds.

In this regard, the UAE has paved roads of opportunity that allow and implore the youth to exercise their entrepreneurial and innovative minds.

To take this vision forward, an example to note is the extensive research and work being done to install an improvised RO (Reverse Osmosis) system in my school. As a result, we found remarkable savings of approximately 30 to 40 per cent in water consumption and costs.

Is it enough for the youth to be an armchair critic from the sidelines, chide the older generations for not acting sooner, set up colourful protest banners, or even settle with a few turned heads at a science fair?

The time has come for the youth to be part of the race, actively contributing through invention, innovation, and implementation. While they can drive the change, it is also incumbent upon governments and society at large to collaborate constructively. It is a strike of balance, an interdependence, which is as complicated and sophisticated as Earth’s ecosystems. In light of this, the question is not, ‘Have we done enough?’, it is ‘can we do more?’.

From Ms Niharika Arvind


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