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Tribute to the UAE

The UAE is a land of dreams (“UAE National Day 2020: Why I love the UAE”, Gulf News, December 01). The history of the UAE and its growth is impressive. To start with, UAE was just a barren desert a few decades ago. Only after achieving independence in 1971 did the country start paving its way to where we are today. Take any sector, and you can see that the UAE is either striving to make its way to the top or is already at the top. The UAE’s development can never be compared to other countries. Without such optimistic rulers, the UAE would have still been barren land. Despite its desert locale and a distinct lack of the natural resources most other cities and towns derive from, it has thrived thanks to the superb town planning and the technology adopted. Whether it comes to the economy, infrastructure, job opportunities, or even entertainment, UAE finds its way to the peak. Being an expatriate and a resident of this beautiful country for the past 18 years, talking all about the UAE would still not quench my love for the nation. The cultural heritage of the UAE is what makes the country stand out from those of other nations. I love the UAE.

From Mr Kevin Tom Varghese


Ranjitsinh Disale wins Global Teacher Prize 2020

Congratulations to Ranjitsinh Disale, the primary school teacher from Pairtewadi village in India, who has become the first Indian to bag the Global Teacher Prize worth $1 million for his outstanding contribution (“Indian village teacher Ranjitsinh Disale wins $1m Global Teacher Prize nurtured in Dubai”, Gulf News, December 03). It is all the more laudable that he is going to share the prize money with his fellow finalists, who can also continue with their plans of helping their students. Teachers are the greatest assets of a country. Our society should realise the importance of a teacher and should honour them for their tireless efforts. I am confident that our central and state governments will support him to continue with his passion. Hats off to Disale.

From Ms Janaki Mahadevan

Tamil Nadu, India

Linda S Heard: A prolific writer

It is with a deep sense of sorrow, I read about the passing away of my favourite, very intellectual, political columnist Linda S Heard (“Linda S Heard passes away in Egypt”, Gulf News, December 01). Seventeen years ago, when I landed in Dubai, I started reading her incisive, factual articles in Gulf News newspaper. She wasn't afraid to call a spade a spade. She was brilliant in her unbridled political knowledge of the world and especially the Middle East region. She didn't spare any leader whether he belonged to East, West, North, or South of the orb. I found her articles very educative and informative. I will miss her writings. May her soul rest in peace, and sincere condolences to her family.

From Mr Adil D Moos

Dubai, UAE

COVID-19: Lessons learnt in 2020

This year started with a lot of thrill to achieve innumerable goals. But, the untimely events, which followed, taught us many new lessons and enhanced our endurance in life. The skills learned are so valuable that I cannot forget them ever in my life. I experienced the adage that man proposes, and God disposes. We have no power to oppose His decision. Also, nothing in this world is permanent, neither happiness nor sadness.

We need to develop patience and quit haste. I understood how insignificant we are before nature. God has blessed us with immense knowledge, but we cannot fight a virus that is so small that it is invisible. I learned the worth of relationships. It is good to have numerous friends on social media, but our dear ones stand by us at the end of the day. Their love and support make life worth living. It taught me the difference between need and want. We want the entire world, but do we need it? No, we just run behind the desires ignoring the small happiness in life. Ultimately, we end up achieving nothing. I have learned to live with the things I need. This year taught me to relax. I learned the value of sharing. Sharing clothes, food, and amenities with others gives an immeasurable pleasure. Life taught me to appreciate every person who plays a role in our life, whether it be a cook, a maid, or a driver. We take them for granted. Without them, life is so tough. Finally, it taught me to be happy in every moment. Life is short. We do not know when we will fall into the deep dark trench called death. Before that, we need to be happy and live life to the fullest. Let us thank God for giving us a chance to survive this pandemic where thousands have lost their lives.

From Noor Tabassum

Fujairah, UAE

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