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Impact of the year 2020

Here ends another year. It was the most dramatic year of my life so far. I had never encountered a year filled with so much pain, isolation, anxiety, uncertainty, and sorrow. Though this year started with many expectations, one could never comprehend that it would turn out like this. The unexpected coronavirus ruled the entire year, causing deaths and shattering hopes. This year has dramatically impacted every human being. I was not left behind. Though it started with many new resolutions, the year destroyed my happiness at the beginning itself. I lost my mum, who was my heartbeat, ruining all my dreams at the beginning of the year. It felt like I was living without my heart. I lost the purpose of life. After another three months, I lost my uncle to COVID-19. Pain is a tiny word to explain what I went through. It is a situation that cannot be described in terms. Life started haunting me. Financially also, we faced a lot of problems. It was like we were in a whirlpool. I did not know how to come out of it. I did not cry because the tears had dried up. Loneliness and depression had surrounded me from all sides. I wanted to come out of it. One day, when I sat thinking about what to do to get solace, I remembered my mum’s words. She always wanted me to concentrate on my writing. It reduced my pain because I poured my heart out on paper. I had something to do. I got so involved in my writing that I authored a book called ‘Sensibles’, dedicated to my parents. Today, when I sit again to make my New Year's resolution, I wonder, what should I resolve? We propose, and God disposes. So, my resolution for all the years ahead will be to remain happy.

From Ms Noor Tabassum

Fujairah, UAE

My COVID-19 story

Towards the end of January this year, my pregnant wife had gone to India for her delivery. I was to join her later. But, the COVID-19 hit and caused international borders to be closed. We were on video calls every single day and missing each other terribly. After eight months of separation, I am so thrilled and overwhelmed to meet my daughter and wife and be a complete family again. One of the most challenging aspects of COVID-19 is that it has forced families to miss out on such events. No occasion is more emotional than the opportunity of seeing or holding your newborn, which can never be replaced. Meeting my daughter at the airport was surreal because it’s been so long, and not seeing or holding her had been very strange and difficult. All I wanted to was hold her small hands and give her a big hug and kiss but managed to resist until we got home. I have been trying to get them to Dubai as soon as possible, but the struggle has been tough from getting all the paperwork done in India, getting her visa, and looking at travelling rules daily. Holding my daughter for the first time after these many months was a wonderful experience, and seeing her laugh made all these tough times go away with the blink of an eye. This year had been tough on everyone, and I hope everyone can find happiness in small little things and grow stronger day by day.

From Mr Mayank Gupta


2020, a teacher in disguise

All of us have tasted success at our level, and we all have our unique definition for it. For a toddler, standing up and running to mom to get their favourite toy could be a success. For aged parents, success could be to see their children happy. When I think of success, I can relate it to situations and how passionately I tried to achieve my goal. Success is all about your attitude to learn from your failures. However, on some occasions, it is not just your efforts that will influence the results. Take the year 2020 - this year has taught us so many things. I think 2020 is a teacher in disguise. The year taught us the value of family time, people around us, our well-being, being optimistic, time, patience, and the importance of life. Success is your state of mind. It is not always about money or fame; it is about inner peace and tranquillity and just being there with our loved ones. The year was a memorable one - with or without our success stories.

From Ms Divya Sharma

Dubai, UAE

Pandemic – Trickster or a Teacher

While we are all excited to welcome the new year 2021, each of us will remember 2020. We look back at the passing year with dampened enthusiasm and dented optimism. Our happiness was diluted, and peace threatened. The pandemic infected our families and brought financial stress to nations worldwide. Many tears were shed this year. Everyone is looking forward to a cure or vaccine for the dreaded COVID-19. The year 2020 has been one with memories galore and left a story to tell the generations to come. What has the pandemic taught us? It has made us humble, taught us how fragile life could be, taught us how important bonding with your loved ones is, taught us to step back and take a look at what we do daily, and showed us that we do not need to overstress. The year 2020 has shown that Nature is above all. We have seen uncertainty across the globe. This year, we saw neighbours who had never spoken to each other, playing music from balconies to cheer frontline workers. Statistics say that the atmosphere became cleaner and the air fresher, there was also less pollution. We experienced the pandemic's effect and in a way to make us realise that urbanisation is not everything, and we should not forget our roots and follow what our great grandparents used to do in their lives. With each passing year, we grow wiser and not older. We adapt, and that's what we are good at, and with the new year-round corner, I wish you all a very happy prosperous, and a contented New Year 2021.

From M S Ramaprasad


Melbourne test: India v Australia

Kudos to Captain Ajinkye Rahane for his century and his valuable century partnership with Jadeja, enabling our Indian cricket team to take a healthy lead of 131 runs ("Melbourne Test: Bowlers, captain Ajinkya Rahane turn the tide for India", Gulf News, December 28). However, Rahane's run out, and our tail's impatience cost us another 50 runs lead. Anyway, now that our bowlers have taken three wickets before the interval, it is a win-win situation for Rahane. Hope our bowlers will continue their pressure tactics, outdo the Australian team and level the Test series and keep alive our chance to play the finals of the World Test Tournament.

From Mr N V Krishnan


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