A man cries in Wuhan, Hubei province, as China holds a national mourning for those who died of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), on the Qingming tomb-sweeping festival on April 4, 2020. Image Credit: Reuters

Coronavirus: What should we do?

The plight of people all over the world, given the current coronavirus outbreak, is quite understandable (“Coronavirus: Do you need to wear a mask while driving?”, Gulf News, April 5). Those directly affected by the pandemic are going through a hard time. While it is equally scary for others, the situation demands a very positive outlook from all of us.

While scientists, doctors, medical staff, governments and law enforcement agencies are playing their role effectively; we all need to think about how we can contribute to help the situation as well. We ourselves need to religiously follow the safety instructions issued by the relevant authorities. I think the best thing that everyone can do is to “stay positive and help others stay positive”.

We all need to understand that life sometimes becomes hard, but it becomes tougher when our spirits are down. Therefore, it is important that we take these hard moments as a part of life, and move on. How much we succeed in this, will largely depend on our ability to persevere through adversity, without succumbing to pressure.

It is time for all of us to stand up to the situation boldly. Being self-motivated and in turn, motivating others, is the need of the day. Instead of looking for loopholes, finding faults among each other and playing the blame game, we must start looking for something positive that can raise our morale and increase our resistance to face these tough moments. While we continue our usual activities with due precautionary measures, we should also try to get into some sort of voluntary help service to the needy, irrespective of cast, creed, religion and nationality. We must remember that life isn’t always bad. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we will sail through the prevailing situation quite successfully.

From Mr Naseem Akhtar Khan

Women wear protective masks as they sit in a restaurant inside the Mubarakiya Market in Kuwait City. Image Credit: AFP

Do your part, stay at home!

I know the whole world is going through a tough time, but living in Dubai, I feel very secure because it is a safe place (“Coronavirus: 7 safe things to do from home this weekend”, gulfnews.com, April 2). Dubai is really trying it’s best to help their people fight coronavirus by sterilising streets to keep the city clean. Thousands around the world are suffering and are separated from their families but that is only for the wellbeing of the rest of the community. I live in Dubai and my father is stuck in another country, but I am not in tears because I understand that it is all for the prevention of coronavirus. Once the coronavirus ends, I will be so happy because I’ll finally be able to meet my father. Right now, I need to be patient.

My mother says that our brain is a very powerful thing and we just need to tune it to be able to adjust to the given situation. I know that a lot of children get worried because their parents are stressed about this situation. They get messages and notifications about coronavirus related news. We, as children, can feel the stress and tension around us too.

Parents need to breathe and relax. If you’re relaxed and happy, your children will be too. Let’s be thankful that we stay in a country, which is trying its level best to take care of everyone.

I am really grateful to the government and their staff, the people cleaning the streets, the teachers who are teaching us online, and especially the doctors who risk their lives for us. So let’s tune ourselves to the positive side. I get to spend quality time with my mother and sister. I’ve been learning how to cook, edit videos, play table tennis and make comic strips with my sister. These are things I never thought I would be doing! The Government of Dubai is trying to help us. I’m doing my part and staying at home, are you?

From Mr Mohsin Kanji

NAT 200405 SWAB TEST-1586091142995
A medical biologist, wearing a protective suit, administers a nasal swab to a patient at a drive-through testing site for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Image Credit: REUTERS

Think about your community before going out

Think about your family and loved ones before you step out of your house (“Indian celebs join Gulf News’ ‘stay home, stay safe’ campaign”, gulfnews.com, April 5)! The Government of UAE has taken all necessary preventive measures to stop the outbreak of coronavirus. They have shut down schools, amusement activities, and are encouraging residents to practise social distancing. The doctors and medical staff in hospitals are also performing their vital role by working day and night to prevent, heal and control the current situation. The police and security officials are posting regular alerts to stay at home and can be seen patrolling streets during the day.

On the other hand, there are some people who seem to take this matter very lightly and ignoring the guidelines. These people don’t understand the severity and sensitivity of this matter. They need to understand the value of other people’s lives and what is at stake. Please play your role by staying home and breaking the chain. Let’s join hands with those who are putting their lives at risk to protect the entire community.

From Samina Kausar

Listen to the government

The ongoing crisis of the deadly coronavirus is spreading fast all around the world (“COVID-19: UAE National Disinfection Programme to continue”, Gulf News, April 4). The main causes is people’s negligence. People are not paying attention to the advice given by authorities, in India and other parts of the world.

Most of the countries have taken precautionary measures, especially in the UAE. Their effort is laudable. In India, many states have taken care of the situation but many people are indisciplined. People should not go meeting other people. Unwanted meetings should definitely be avoided. The basic idea of following rigid disciplinary action should not only be practiced during the lock-down period but should be practiced generally.

The numbers of positive COVID-19 cases are increasing all around the world. Many countries are currently in lock-down to stop the spread of the virus. Apart from this, in many countries, doctors and those who work in healthcare are being beaten and attacked, which is unacceptable. People should cooperate with the government and follow the guidelines.

From K. Ragavan
Bengaluru, India

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