Benefits needed for law abiding citizens

It’s been a long and wonderful weekend here in the UAE (“No parking fines at Dubai’s JLT for now”, Gulf News, December 7). The mood has been festive and the weather has also played along. The recent announcement for a 50 per cent discount on traffic fines has also been a cause of cheer and relief for many. While I fully appreciate the notification and rejoice for my fellow residents, the one thing that kept pulling down my spirits was some of my friends picking on me for having paid all my due fines before the holiday weekend. Though I know they were doing it for fun, it did keep playing on my mind. My request to the authorities is to please consider not leaving out those who have been lawful and prompt to pay up their fines on time. While I don’t know many who like receiving fines, I do know many people who are prompt to acknowledge their mistake and pay up their fines almost as soon as they get notifications. For their sake, it would be wonderful to have this gracious gesture extended to all fines issued this year – paid or unpaid. I am sure it will be much appreciated and it will spread happiness to all. I can only imagine the joy, if instead of receiving a fine notification message from the Dubai Police, someone receives a message saying that 50 per cent of the fines they paid up have been reversed.

From Mr Akash Gandhi


Dogs make a happy home

It’s interesting to know that dog owners are less likely to die from heart diseases (“Is owning a dog good for your health?” Gulf News December 5, 2017). Dogs give happiness to people. Pets normally take us back to our childhood days. We can play and laugh with pets. In return they give us unconditional love. Having a pet makes you happier, active and you forget everything. I too have fond memories of dogs. It reduces stress and gives you comfort. Animals especially dogs are more loving than human beings. They are more grateful and we have heard many stories of them taking care of their masters, especially if they are disabled. People tend to turn to pets as friends who turn out to be true friends. It gives us relief from loneliness and reduces stress.

From Mr Eappen Elias


Adding value to the community

The volunteers of such campaigns should be appreciated for the good deeds that they do to help the needy people in our society (“Lending a helping hand”, Gulf News, November 29). There are many ways in which people can help others who are desperately looking for life. There are various community organisations working in this part of the world and people are actively associated with such groups to be motivated to follow similar initiatives. The goods of basic life collected can be donated through such organisations working in society. The young members of the Indian social clubs and community organisations can be a part of such initiatives and be made useful to the people who live far below their means. Family members should take voluntary steps. I am sure the youth can be inspired by these young pupils. They should be taken as an example. I appreciate the newspaper for encouraging youngsters and publishing such reports that have a large value and benefit in the long-term.

From Ms Athira R Nair


Better choices and performances

Unfortunately, despite Ajinkye Rahane’s elevation in the batting order, he couldn’t justify his promotion (“Young guns give Sri Lanka renewed optimism for the future”, Gulf News, December 8). Of course, so long as he has backing, he need not worry about his position in the team. Moreover he has a better average away from home and added to this, he is the best slip catcher. However, our only grouse is that this magnanimity from the team selectors is missing for other players, especially from the South. Take the example of cricketer Kannur Lokesh Rahul. Despite his 50 plus runs in the Kolkata Test match, he is warming the benches. Hope to see a changed attitude from the national and the team selectors soon!

From Mr N. Mahadevan


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