2019: Change is coming

The results of the Uttar Pradesh and Bihar by-elections are a wake-up call for the BJP for adopting anti-people policies (“‘I joined BJP to take revenge on Congress’”, Gulf News, March 26). BJP is losing grounds in Northern states due to rise in prices, unemployment, demonetisation and the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax, and people are affected. The people of India uphold secularism and in future, there will be no place for communal politics. People need freedom to eat what they want and any restrictions by the BJP or the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) workers will not be accepted. The by-election results is a test for BJP and now people are opting for change. This will reflect in the 2019 general election.

From Mr Eappen Elias


A fair warning

The recent by-poll results in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh was a turning point for the Samajwadi political party and an alarming signal to the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP). The BJP’s overconfidence in their leader’s behaviour, and above all, the many incidents, which happened in the past, have resulted in their defeat. Now, the BJP should be alert and make a new strategy to win the 2019 elections. The high command should control their leaders from talking on the public and ‘hindutva’ should not be highlighted and concentrate on as a promise made before the previous election. Even though the Congress party is not coming into the picture, it is still a warning for the BJP. Will the party’s high command take up this call?

From Mr K Ragavan


Cricket and cheating

It is a really shameful act committed by the Australian cricketers at Cape Town (“Steve Smith suspended for one test after ball tampering scandal”, Gulf News, March 26). Of course the Aussies are famous for killing the spirit of the game. Right from the team lead by Bill Lawry, no one has won a Test match without sledging or cheating. Hence, this shameful act in Cape Town is not surprising. The admittance of violation of rules by their Captain Steve Smith goes to prove that his ‘Brain Fade’ at Bangalore too was planned, just like the ball tampering incident here. If The Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royal Indian Premier League (IPL) Teams can be banned for two years, this violation calls for a higher duration of punishment for the entire team. Let us see what the spineless ICC officials do in this matter.

From Mr N. Mahadevan


A day for all mothers

Beyond caste, creed and culture, the role of a mother is an impressive one in the day to day life (“UAE leaders pay tribute to mothers”, Gulf News, March 22). Rightly said by the UAE leaders that words cannot describe the importance. It is also true that verbal expression of gratitude is not sufficient. Recently, Miss World finalist, India’s Manushi Chillar answered a question during the final stage of the competition and talked about the naturalistic, selflessness of motherhood. We applauded the answer but how many of us truly do justice by recognising the role of mothers. A homemaker’s role goes unrecognised in society and there are so many untold sufferings of a mother. Schools can play a vital role in making their students understand the need to recognise the work done by their mothers. The curriculum, as a part of social studies, should include write-up’s and assignments about household tasks and their distribution at home. This will instil a thought in the minds of the growing children to grasp the roles of mothers. Apart from the schools the fathers, have a responsibility for making their kids realise the efforts put up by the mothers especially during exams and project work. Most of the husbands are so much engrossed within their profession and the mothers end up spending a lot of time with children for their homework and projects. We have to make sure that Mother’s Day is celebrated in a large scale to recognise the noble work done by all mothers.

From Mr Murugesh SS Sivam


A bond that keeps on giving

Grandparents are an essential part of growing up and I feel that their role in a family cannot be over-emphasised (“Dear Grandma and Grandpa”, Gulf News, March 20). They act as a buffer or calming influence between over worked or stressed parents and children, who need attention and a sympathetic ear during their growing years. Of course, the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren is symbiotic, while grandparents are able to delve into their years of experience and wisdom to help with issues big and small, grandchildren keep their elders young and vibrant - whether with playing games or keeping them up-to-date with the latest technology. As working parents, who were trying to build a career, my husband and I depended on support from our parents to care for our children. As a result, the bond that children have with their grandparents is very deep, and has enabled them to develop the emotional intelligence of caring for others, as well as investing time in relationships.

From Ms Monisha Krishna


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