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His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi Crown Prince and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, received John Bolton, the United States National Security Adviser, in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday. Image Credit: REUTERS

This nation and the United States have entered a new era of close cooperation in defence matters following its activation earlier this week and the visit to Abu Dhabi of US National Security Adviser John Bolton. This new chapter in relations will see enhanced military cooperation between the UAE and the US, further advancing a robust military, political and economic partnership between the two nations.

It comes at a critical time in this region, where patience is being tested and where vigilance against forces of negativism needs to be maintained in the face of taunts, irritant actions and overt aggression. The UAE-US agreement is a de facto recognition of both countries in their determination and deep interest in promoting prosperity and stability across this region.

While in Abu Dhabi, Bolton warned the regime in Tehran that any attacks in the Arabian Gulf will draw a “very strong response” from Washington, and he tied the attacks on four vessels at the mouth of the Gulf to “naval mines almost certainly from Iran”.

Both the UAE and the US had signed the Defence Cooperation Agreement (DCA) earlier this year, and its activation now sends a clear signal that both partners stand together and are determined to build on their long and friendly relationship that has endured for decades. The DCA is a commitment to ensuring that the people of this nation will prosper and enjoy the fruits of the close and special bond between the UAE and the US, and it enhances the economic ties that are flourishing in every sector where the two nations interact.

The history of relations between the UAE and the US is one that has gone from strength to strength, far-reaching and robust across the military, political and economic fields. Those ties will only become stronger now with the activation of the DCA. When it comes to defence and security matters, the DCA ensures that those who seek to undermine and erode the stability of this region face a united front, two nations determined that the conditions for peace and stability will endure.

Both nations share the same outlook and vision, promoting economic activity as a means to build prosperity and a bountiful peace. Together, the UAE and the US stand together as allies, friends and partners, determined that peace will endure and that those who threaten it do so at their peril.