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There’s no better time than now to keep fit

For the next month, Dubai Fitness Challenge offers a perfect opportunity to change your lifestyle
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There’s a common complaint among expats who come to live in Dubai that the heat and summer conditions make it difficult to maintain fitness, and they would rather endure a sedentary lifestyle than maintain their levels of fitness. That narrow-sighted manner of thinking merely makes one susceptible to weight gain, increased cholesterol levels, higher blood pressure and a range of illnesses and ailments that are associated with being inactive and doing little to keep fit, other than exercising the jaw muscles!

From now and through to November 18, the Dubai Fitness Challenge offers and opportunity for all, regardless of age, state of health or fitness level, to embrace the chance and benefits of a fitter lifestyle. There is no doubting that the hardest part is simply committing to having a better body, being fitter and deciding that you will make a conscious effort to exercise and think twice about how your body is fuelled.

For the next four weeks, and at venues all across the emirate, there are events taking place at the community level, in parks and malls — wherever people come together. These events are suitable for people of all ages, are aimed at involving people from beginners to the most active ones. And there are events and activities whereby people can join their co-workers in keeping fit, or doing something to get you moving and on the course to a better lifestyle.

As the weather improves and temperatures drop, evenings now are perfect for a brisk walk along the canal, the boardwalks, in local parks or simply around your neighbourhood. There are basketball and tennis courts, biking trails and hiking paths. It doesn’t matter how you do it, what matters is you do — and you’ll be better for it.

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