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Staff at Indian schools deserve praise

Inspectors find 69% of children in Indian schools in Dubai benefit from committed and caring teachers
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Spare a thought today if you will for all the teachers, administrators and staff who are working hard to enlighten the children who attend Indian schools across Dubai.

It’s a positive thought too that ought to be shared for all teachers, but those in Indian schools in Dubai deserve an extra dose of recognition. According to the latest report of inspectors who work for Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and the emirate’s School’s Inspection Bureau, there’s reason to smile.

The report, the ninth in the annual rounds of these inspections, shows that 69 per cent of pupils are in Indian schools that are rated ‘good’ or better. That’s up from 65 per cent last year. Indeed, the regimen of school inspections seems to be paying dividends in improving the overall quality of schools. When the inspections of Indian schools started in 2009-2010, just 45 per cent of pupils were in schools that were rated ‘good’ or higher.

Out of 31 Indian schools to be inspected this year, only one institution slipped in its ratings. Altogether, the schools cater to nearly 80,000 pupils and it ought to be a source if immense satisfaction to parents to know that their children are in quality schools that offer thorough learning in healthy and safe environments, taught by teachers who are genuinely and passionately committed to education.

There is an adage that says that school days are the best days of one’s life. Given the level of grading secured by Indian schools, that certainly seems to be holding true. And long may it continue.

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